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how to force apps to see full screen

how to force apps to see full screen


The screens of our mobiles have not stopped growing, while the frames are hurrying more and more with each new generation. The objective pursued by all manufacturers is to be able to offer the most complete screen experience possible. Viewing an app in full screen is make the most of your mobile, But on many occasions, there are problems for them to be seen without frames or borders. This is where the function that allows force display of apps to full screen.

Most of the applications installed on our mobiles will automatically adapt to display correctly in full screen. However, there are many third-party developments, either due to their nature of visualization, or because the developer has not made any relevant adjustments, they are not displayed in this way, so much of the screen is wasted.

All apps full screen

Luckily, most of our mobiles integrate a function to be able to force the display to full screen, in that software that has not yet been adapted. In order to check if our mobile phone has this forced function, we must go to the Settings menu and enter the Screen options. It is possible that the function is found in this same menu as is the case for example of the OPPO terminals, or we have to enter the advanced settings of the screen, as it happens in Huawei devices.

Full screen display on Huawei

Once inside we will see the list of applications, which our system has detected as “not compatible” with full screen mode. In this case we will have to activate each selector to force “Full screen display” and thus fill this gap. Keep in mind that forcing apps that have not been designed for this viewing mode can make some of them look slightly warped.

With the help of an app

In the case of not finding the option on our Android mobile, we may have to use a third-party app created for this purpose. One of the best is FullScreen Immersive, which allows you to speed up each application to the maximum take advantage of the full size of the screen.

full screen app

This application, which does not require root permissions of any kind, adds various display options on the taskbar. In other words, when you run an app, you can slide the bar down and change its display type in seconds.

Written by David Girao

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