How to get any Google Pixel discounted at its minimum price


Buy online if you don’t know where or how it can be really stressful. Especially when you are trying to get the best price. For this reason, many stores offer the classic «If you find it cheaper, we lower the price». This mantra now reaches the Google Store, allowing buy the Google Pixel at a minimum price.

If last week we told you the trick to find cheap mobiles on Amazon, today we do the same with the Google store since, coincidentally, it expands its service to new regions, including Spain. Google Store has been matching prices with different US retailers since last year and now this program is spread across Europe, including our country.

In this way customers can request a discount from Google si The price of an item purchased from the Google Store decreases in other stores after 15 days. In Spain there are only two stores within this promotion, Media Mark and El Corte Inglés, but it is likely that other stores will join in the coming weeks.

google pixel 4a

How to request a price match

For Google lower the price of the Pixel 4, Pixel 3 or any other product purchased in the last 15 days, you should contact the firm’s support center. Then you must send the request within the buyer’s regret period, always in the same currency and with respect to the same mobile model (color and memory configuration).

The advertised price must be in effect when the adjustment is requested and a valid link to the promotion or website must be provided so that the price can be verified. PDF files, screenshots, images and custom quotes are not accepted.

The promotion is applied on two models per customer as long as they continue to be sold in the Google store. The brand excludes day or hourly specials, offers received in the mail, and clearance items from its price match.

Get the Google Pixel 4 discounted

Currently Google has lowered its two large range caps in its store. Both the Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL look discounts of 100 euros.

4XL pixel case

Buy Google mobiles at a discount

The cheapest of all, the Google Pixel 4, it goes from costing 759 euros to appear in the company store for 659 euros. Somewhat more expensive is the XL model that despite everything can boast an interesting discount that allows us to take it home for 799 euros instead of the usual 899 euros.

However, if we observe a lower price in the two aforementioned stores, we can carry out the process described above to obtain a better price from Google. Unfortunately right now neither El Corte Inglés nor Media Mark offer the Pixel 4 cheapest than the Google Store.

The option to get the company’s phone even cheaper is to drop by this link from Amazon, where we find the Google Pixel 4 for 649 euros, 10 euros less than what it costs us in the brand’s store.

Written by Miguel Martinez

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