How to get free PS Plus theme for PS4 for your anniversary

This year is very important for Sony. Not just the brand PlayStation turns 25 after the launch of the first console in 1995, or they will launch PS5 to the market, it also turns 10 PlayStation Plus, which started as an optional paid service and that on PS4 became mandatory to be able to play online, in exchange for getting benefits like free games every month. Now to celebrate the anniversary of PS Plusare giving away a free theme.

This free theme is not only available for PS Plus users, but for any PS4 user. This special theme has a yellow background in which we can see drawings that represent some of the games offered for free since the launch of the service. Among them we find a person from Bioshock, Bloodborne, Destiny, Nioh, etc.

The pack will be available for free for a limited time

The rest of the interface elements also change color, where the icons in the main menu and the top part turn blue. The fund has been available since yesterday, July 2, and can be downloaded for free at this link, occupying 7.01 MB. It will be available on the PS Store for free for a limited time. They have also published an image in which we can see some of the most important milestones of the service launched on June 29, 2010, such as that they have offered more than 1,000 free games since they launched the service, and that they already have 41.5 million users, which implies that the company enters hundreds of millions of euros per month with user subscriptions. We remind you of some tricks to get PS Plus cheaper.

This is not the first free theme released by Sony to mark the anniversary of the console. In 2014, the company released a free theme for PlayStation’s 20th anniversary that we can continue to download for free here. Unfortunately, there are usually very few themes that the company launches for free, costing a few euros. One of the most popular in recent weeks is The Last of Us II, which costs 3 euros.

This weekend there will be free online for everyone

Starting July 7, PS Plus users can enjoy free NBA 2K20 and of Rise of the Tomb Raider, in addition to Erica for PS VR, and Nubla 2. Sony will also offer a free multiplayer weekend, which will start tonight at 00:01 on July 4, and will end on July 5 at 23:59, so we can play for free all Saturday and Sunday.

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