How to get rid of annoying Windows 10 notifications

How to get rid of annoying Windows 10 notifications

Many of us use the computer as the main work tool, and many times We cannot avoid being distracted by the constant alerts that Windows please launch us from time to time.

Incoming emails, social media posts from your friends, pending system updates … and a long etcetera. Does this situation sound familiar to you? The worst thing is that the computer starts making annoying sounds for each incoming notification, until you end up pulling your hair. And the truth is that so much irrelevant information can be very annoying and it is necessary to put a box.

Fortunately, Windows 10 allows us to solve this problem, and here we are going to give you the details of how to do it. So, for those who are fed up with the annoying Windows 10 notifications, we are going to tell you how they are deactivated. Let’s get on with it!

Delete quick actions

The first step that we will have to do is go to the ‘Settings’ menu of Windows 10. To access it, we have two ways: by pressing the command ‘Windows + A’ or directly type “configuration” in the search bar.

Next, click on the ‘System’ option located in the upper left margin, whose symbol is a laptop.

Within ‘System’, we go through the left side menu until you find where it says ‘Notifications and actions’.


Of the first actions that we can carry out be edit our quick actions. What does this mean? That we can activate or deactivate the different kinds of notifications: Nearby network, VPN, Airplane mode activated, Location …

To do this, simply we click on the little pin symbols for each of the notifications that we want to eliminate. That easy!


Delete notifications

Without leaving the ‘Notifications and actions’ center, we must look where it puts ‘Notifications’, and there we will see a series of notices that we can freely configure:

  • Show notifications on the lock screen.
  • Show incoming VoIP calls and alerts on the lock screen.
  • Show me the Windows Welcome experience after updates and when I log in for updates and tips.
  • Get tips, tricks and recommendations while using Windows.

In the button just below the title ‘Notifications’, deactivate or activate the first two options directly, although obviously we can also do it in a personalized way choosing the one that we want to silence in each case. We leave that to your choice.


Turn off sender notifications

There is also a third option that will allow us to disable notifications., this time by senders. In your hand is the option to mute forever Calendar, Google Chrome, Suggestions, Email notices …

If we do not want to go one by one, you can always use the option described above. We mean of course to the deactivation button under the title of the second section, ‘Notifications’. By clicking on it, we will load each and every one of the alerts that have been and will be in this last section.

And up to here the instructions to eliminate the warnings of Windows 10. As you can see, there are several ways to do it, so we leave it up to you to apply the one that best suits your case. And if you finally find out that these alerts were really helpful to you, you can always back down.

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