How to have dark mode on unsupported mobiles


Dark Mode is one of the most popular functions of our mobiles. Many of the major brand terminals have been updated to enable this mode that turns all tones in the system to black. However, there are many devices that despite being fully functional and technically up-to-date, they will not upgrade to receive a Dark Mode. So what alternatives do we have?

Most of the manufacturers customization layers have been updated to add a dark mode. However, it is something that Android can do natively since the launch of Android 10. However, there are many phones that will not receive Android 10 or the layer of their manufacturers that has this function. Then, we have some options or alternativeYes, while it won’t make it a true native Dark Mode, it can serve as a compliant.

Activate an alternate Dark Mode

The good news is that most of the Important apps have been adapted to show a Dark Mode. As most of the time we spend on our mobile is distributed within these applications, activating the dark mode within them will allow us to see the screen as those terminals that have native dark mode.

huawei dark mode

Adjusting applications

Therefore, from the settings of a large number of applications, we can activate the Dark Mode of each one of them. If we move frequently between them we will not leave the dark mode and it will seem that we have it practically at the system level. The most important applications that already have Dark Mode are:

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Telegram
  • Gmail
  • Google app
  • Chrome
  • Google Assistant
  • Google play
  • Youtube
  • Google Maps
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Skype

Play with screen options

We may not have the Dark Mode settings on our mobile, but we can play with screen colors to try to make darker shades predominate.

  • First method: The first method is to go to the settings on our screen. Some mobiles allow you to configure the color options, being able mark on our mobile a gray scale.
  • Second method: In the case of not having the first option, we can go to the developer settings. For this we go to Settings / About the device and press seven times on “Compilation number”. Now we return to the previous menu and we should see the “Developer options”. Once inside click on “Color space” and we select the option of “monochromatism”. It is another valid alternative to dark mode, which will show us the entire system in black and white.

grayscale samsung

Put black wallpapers

Our mobile usually incorporates several default wallpapers. However, they are usually colorful and cheerful and it is rare to find some dark option by default. We can fix it by searching for ourselves dark wallpapers on the net. However, to facilitate the task, there are applications on Android that allow us to turn our mobile dark at least on your desktop. In Google Play there are dozens of applications for this purpose, but we leave you just below with one of the most popular, and which has more than 2,000 dark wallpaperss, adaptable to all kinds of models and displays.

black color wallpapers

Download app with thousands of black wallpapers

Modify with a Launcher

Launchers allow you to modify certain aspects of the system, without reaching the level of customization that involves rooting the device. This means that both the system icons, such as the wallpaper and other settings, can be modified to offer a dark mode, although our mobile does not support it as standard. It is as simple as installing and activating, so it does not require any kind of knowledge or “dangerous” modification.

  • Dark Mode Launcher: This free application allows you to convert our mobile to dark tones with dark wallpapers and icon packs. Each icon pack matches the chosen wallpaper. We can download it from this link.
  • Nova Launcher: It is one of the most popular applications. For a long time they allow activating a dark mode that is ideal for those phones that have not reached the option. These settings are found within the options and allow the dark mode to activate as a reading mode, scheduling it to activate at night, or permanently as a true dark mode. It can be downloaded from here.
  • Little Launcher: It is a Xiaomi tool that is named after its popular phones. Luckily and unlike what happens with this type of apps, its installation is open to all types of Android phones. Within the settings we will see how we can activate an interesting dark mode, valid for the background, the icons and the settings menu of the launcher itself. We can also download it from this link.

dark little launcher

Modify the system

This is the best method to modify our system and have a real dark mode. However, it requires certain knowledge or previous experience modifying our mobile, since we must root the device. In this sense, the best option may be dive into the world of LineageOS. It is an operating system, specially designed for older or unsupported mobiles. In this way, you can have a modified ROM and perfectly adapted to our mobile, which has the latest news from Android, and based on Android 10. In this way we will have the dark mode, in addition to many other news that surely, not have our mobile.

In order to do this, we will have to go to the official LineageOS website and check if our mobile is on the list of devices compatible with the versions of this mod. Once done, we must save the important data of our mobile and follow the indicated steps, since the process and the corresponding download files vary from one model to another. However, it is the best method to have a dark mode real in terminal as emblematic as an LG G2, a Galaxy S6 or a whole Sony Xperia Z2.

Written by David Girao

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