How to have full dark mode in Android 11


All the changes that have come with Android 11 are designed to improve the user experience with the most popular operating system and among these we find the possibility of improving and activating a dark mode which tries to take a step beyond what we saw previously with Android 10. So that you can take advantage of the dark mode on your mobile, we are going to show you all its possibilities.

We will start with the most basic options of the dark mode and we will complete with different settings and options that we find in the system. Once completed we will see a radical change in our mobile for the settings sections, keyboard and even the applications that have certain limitations to use this style.

Activate and program the dark mode of Android 11

With the arrival of dark mode in Android 10 we saw different options in some layers of customization that allow us to decide when we want to use it, something that finally comes with the latest version of android. As you can see, now we have the option of programming the native Android mode for hours or at dusk.

activate schedule dark mode android 11

To carry it out we have to enter Settings> Display> Dark theme and select our favorite option. Selecting to activate at dusk will be based on our location to control the time of sunset and sunrise.

The full dark mode

If this has not seemed enough to us, now Android helps us not to have to configure the apps that have a dark mode but they don’t activate it by default. To carry it out we have to go into Settings> Accessibility and select the dark theme here. The first time we activate it, we will see an option that will show us the message in which it indicates that this mode also tries to be used in apps that have to activate it manually.

android 11 dark theme

Force dark mode on Android 11

Although in Android 10 we already saw this option, we will also have to activate it on our mobile once it has been updated. We will enter the developer options to use it and therefore the first thing we must access is to activate them. In Settings> Phone information and repeatedly touching the build number we will get these options.

fozar dark mode android 11

Then we will go to Settings> System> Advanced> Developer options and go down until we find the option to force dark mode.

Complete dark mode on Google Pixels with styles

For now this option is only available on Google Pixels but it could finally reach other models with Android 11. It is a customization that affects the icons and therefore allows us to obtain an improved dark mode also in this regard. To use it we have to access Settings> Display> Styles.

android-11 style dark mode

Here we will be able to customize other sections such as the wallpaper or the font, but what concerns us in this case is to get a full dark mode with Android 11. The icons with a white style offer us a lower contrast and therefore a significant improvement that our eyes will thank us when looking at the mobile at night.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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