How to have macro mode on the camera of any mobile


One of the latest developments in mobile technology is the macro mode, a dedicated lens for taking photos of very small or very close objects. With this type of photography we manage to capture the smallest details and not let anything escape from our camera, although there is a trick with which we can take advantage of the professional mode of mobiles to get macro photos with any mobile.

The method that we are going to use is based on the software, managing to trick the mobile emitter cameras to obtain the desired result. Nor are we going to resort to accessories that try to obtain different results than those of mobile cameras, in this case we will only need a little skill, patience and without any investment we will achieve it.

Mobile professional mode converts to macro mode

To get to enjoy the macro mode on any mobile we will first have to know the professional mode on smartphones, this option that adds very interesting options to achieve the desired results. We will start by accessing this photography mode and then start following these steps:

We change the focus point

In the option of our mobile device to focus, we will have to change the position of the automatic mode to the closest one. With this we are telling our smartphone to focus as close as possible, to simulate macro mode and capture the details that are closest to your main camera. As we can see in the image, it is usually represented with a flower, to distinguish it from the farthest point.

focus point close

We zoom with our fingers

With the classic pinch on the smartphone screen we are going to zoom slightly to get closer to the objects we want to photograph with the macro mode. This can vary if after going to the next step we are unable to focus on it and obtain the desired result.

Find the perfect position and distance

With a little patience we are going to place ourselves in a place from where we can photograph every detail. We may have to withdraw from the object or get closer, something that will depend on the amount of zoom we have made. With these two parameters we are going to get closer and further away digitally or we physically to get the macro photography on the mobile.

mobile macro mode

It can be somewhat complex, but as we show you the image, we have been able to achieve it. In addition, we will have to help ourselves with other basic tips to obtain this result and turn our mobile into the macro camera that we need.

Basic tips to have a good result

Although it is very important to follow the steps that we have explained, or we must forget that we are demanding from our mobile turn the camera into a macro camera. For this reason we recommend applying the following tips with which it will be easier for macro photography to be of quality and not have a bad result.

  • We must have very good lighting.
  • We need a very good pulse or a place to support us.
  • The object to be photographed must have details or else we will not get the result.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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