How to have root access safely on Android phones


The possibilities of Android mobiles are practically infinite, something that we manage to increase if we become root users. However, this process is dangerous and makes us lose the guarantee, something that luckily we can now achieve safely without our smartphone running any risk, nor do we need to be experts in the field, anyone can do it.

Basically we are only going to have a mobile with a version of Android 5.0 or higher, a storage of at least 32 GB and follow our steps. We clarify again that this process does not pose any risk, although it is true that we will not be able to enjoy added advantages such as installing a custom ROM if we can enjoy applications that need super user permission or install xposed modules easily.

A virtual machine does it all for us

To free ourselves from problems and inconveniences for get root access What we are going to use is a virtual machine that tries to create a new smartphone within us. This process is done automatically and we only have to wait a few seconds for it to start. The steps to follow to enjoy it are the following:

root easy safe android

  • Downloading and installing VMOS, we recommend making it connected to WiFi by its weight.
  • In some cases it is also necessary to download VMOS unlocker.
  • Then we start VMOS and wait for the virtual machine to be generated, a process that takes about 3 minutes at most.

Get easy root access

After the previous steps we have not yet completed the whole process, now we have to root this virtual mobile that we have created. To do this we go inside the virtual mobile to the Settings> Information of the phone and tap repeatedly on the build number until we get the developer options.

root easy safe

Once we have done this, we can only go to the settings button that appears within this virtual mobile and we will have direct access to the root option. From here or we will activate and we can start to take advantage of it with everything we need. In our tests we have been able to install SuperSU without problems and control root access to the other ROOT services we have tested.

We will not have to take risks again by trying root applications or losing the manufacturer’s warranty, because when we do not need it we can uninstall VMOS like any other app and in turn all the apps we have been testing will be removed without danger to our mobile since if something goes wrong the problem will not really affect our mobile.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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