How to have the sounds in Android 11 on any mobile


Among the novelties that come to the mobiles developed by Google together with Android 11 we find many important changes and among them are the sounds. The firm Google adds exclusively for the Google Pixel a series of sounds so that only your smartphones can enjoy them, although as on many other occasions there are ways to install them on all mobiles.

The process to get the sounds of android 11 in all mobiles it is not too complex, just by following our steps we will be able to obtain them. The only requirements that appear in this process is to have Android 9 or higher for it to work. We will explain all the steps you need to know to be able to install the sounds.

Steps to install the sounds of Android 11 on all mobiles

With the intention of getting to enjoy the sounds that Google has developed, the first thing we will have to do to install ringtones for Android 11 is to download the APK of the application that includes them. But since we do not have a company smartphone we will have to activate it from a trick so that we can use it whenever we need it.

  • We download the sounds APK from our browser.
  • Then we install it like any other application.

sounds google pixel permissions

The next thing is to give them permissions to use the sounds of the Google PixelWe will do this by going to Settings> Applications> Sounds and finally entering storage to grant access. With this process we already have the application available, although nevertheless we will not find it because it is not really activated and we cannot get to it easily.

Activate sounds and create a shortcut

So that we can take advantage of the application we will have to activate it with the help of the Activity Launcher application that we download on our mobile. After having installed it we open it and we will have to search with the help of the upper search engine for the term «Sound» and click on the option that appears with the icon representing the Google Pixel app that we installed previously.

activate google pixel sounds

We can also make it easier to use this application whenever we need it, we are only going to keep our finger on this section and choose the option to create a direct access. It will be added to our home screen and so whenever we want to change the sound, access will be very easy.

Use the sounds of the Google Pixel

Finally, we can only take advantage of them by configuring the sound of Android 11 on mobile. To achieve this we will access the application where we will be able to listen to a small part of the track to choose it, then we will click on save and it is likely that the application will close, a failure that does not affect at all because the file will have been saved. Now we only have to choose it as our default sounds.

configure sounds

In each personalization layer it may be different but basically it will be going into the Settings> Sounds> Ringtone or notification and we will proceed to find the file. The one that we have downloaded will appear first or at the end of the file we will see the ending .ogg that will allow us to identify it quickly.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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