How to help raise money for NGOs buying online with Wapsi

How to help raise money for NGOs buying online with Wapsi

Sometimes we just deal with our things and problems. We do it and we don’t realize that there are people and animals that are having a much worse time than we are. Caring for others and trying to help others is an exercise in empathy, responsibility and cooperation that would be good for anyone of us to practice. We can actively collaborate with NGOs and associations that lead different struggles, but we can also do it in other ways, taking advantage of new technologies.

How many times do you make purchases online? Did you know that there is a way to make these purchases profitable for NGOs? We have discovered a tool called Wapsi and that, through the association with different establishments, allows us to donate a percentage of purchases without you having to pay more.

Thus, even if you actively contribute to one or different organizations, you can take advantage of this functionality to help them raise a little more. It is actually very simple to do, but we are going to tell you how all this works and how you can start contributing.


Start using Wapsi to help raise

Wapsi is a tool with which you can allocate a percentage of your purchases to the NGO of your choice. To start using it, we recommend you follow these instructions:

1. Access Wapsi and take a look at the web. The first thing you have to do is carry out a search by NGO. What organization do you want to collaborate with? If you don’t really know who to do it with, don’t worry: take a look at the selection they offer you. If you have a predilection, do a search directly. You should know that you can also search by product or store.

2. Type the NGO or Foundation you want to help to check if it is part of this project. That is, if you can help her by making purchases online. Click Search.

3. Have you already found it? Click on the box. As soon as you open, you will see a description of the NGO you want to help. All you have to do is click on PURCHASE AND CONTRIBUTE, the button that is in blue.

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Stores that collaborate with the project

There are many establishments, stores and companies that collaborate with the different organizations that are in Wapsi. By clicking here, you will access a list of all the stores. You can select the one you want, but before it will be necessary to activate the Contribution Facilitator.

We recommend you register here, indicating your personal data and the NGO to which you want to contribute a percentage of your purchases. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email and you will have to click on Activate the Facilitator. It is actually a Chrome extension. Click on Add to Chrome and ready. It also works flawlessly in Firefox.

By installing the extension, every time you buy in one of the collaborating establishments you will be contributing without having to do anything. This way you will not miss any contribution to your NGO. The extension is free, safe and easy to install. So much so that it won’t take you more than ten seconds. And then it’s done. Each of the stores contributes a percentage and you will not have to make any contribution of extra money.

It is simply about getting more money for the organizations that motivate and like us through our usual activity. Thus, you can buy from such popular brands as Dolce Gusto, Decathlon, La Casa del Libro, Just Eat, Telepizza, Yves Rocher, Vueling, Fnac, Converse or HP. You actually have more than 240 to choose from and around 250 NGOs to collaborate with.

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