How to improve facial recognition on Samsung phones


With the passage of time and the evolution of technology we have been changing fingerprint readers for facial recognition, although this system is not perfect, it does offer quick and effective unlocking. When we find ourselves in more difficult situations like the night it is not so good, but in the samsung phones if we can improve your results by relying on your adjustments.

The Samsung personalization layer known as One UI integrates many options that allow us to take advantage of our mobile even more. Among its settings we will find a series of options that will achieve improve facial recognition with the use of artificial intelligence to take advantage of all the possibilities that smartphones give us.

Steps to follow to improve recognition with One UI

If until now you have had no problems using the Samsung Galaxy facial recognition, it is likely that you do not need to modify anything, but since it is most likely that at least some error you have encountered, we recommend you take a look at what you should do. These improvements are applied depending on our situation day or night.

  • To start we go to the Settings of our mobile.
  • Next we look for the option Biometric data and security.
  • In the next section we choose facial recognition.
  • Here we will have access to the options that we will activate according to our needs.

facial recognition samsung

The first of the options that we can see marked in the images is the faster recognition, a method that relies on artificial intelligence to take less time to accept or deny access. This option allows us a higher speed but at the same time a little less security, so if we don’t mind having to wait a few tenths of a second more, it won’t be necessary to use it.

A highly recommended option is to increase the brightness of the screen, an effect that will occur whenever we are in low light situations, at which time Samsung facial recognition cannot recognize us. With the help of the brightness of the screen, the smartphone will get enough information from our face to give us permission and not have to resort to another security method.

Aspects to assess to unlock our Samsung

Although we have followed all the steps we mentioned above with the intention of improving facial recognition in Samsung with One UIThis is not always enough. To help the system to recognize ourselves we must take into account other aspects such as the position of our face when saving it because a change of inclination could cause us to have false continuously.

face unlock samsung

Accessories such as glasses, earrings or a cap are also decisive and could be the problem that prevents us from using this unlocking system as we would like. In case of continuous errors and having already tried the methods that we have explained to you, we just have to save our face in the facial rebirth with good lighting and taking these tips into account.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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