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There are more or less powerful mobiles on the market. However, everyone should perform well at their level. That’s why when performance problems start we notice them instantly. What is fast and fluid today can be tomorrow “Licks” and slowness despair us. That is why we wanted to take a look at the best solutions against these inconveniences on Realme’s mobiles.

Although Realme has only been in Spain for a short time and its terminals officially put up for sale have not completed a year of life, it is also possible thate the performance of our mobile begins to be affected. Daily use, dozens of installed applications, photos and videos, lack of space or background processes, can weigh down the experience and slow down the entire system.

Make Realme mobile go faster

Increase performance

It is a good option and we have it at hand. Allow the rSystem resources focus on delivering the best performance, although it is clear that it will do so at the cost of a shorter battery life. In order to activate this mode we go to:

Settings / Battery / Performance Mode / High Performance Mode

High Performance Mode in Realme

In the Games Space

With the transition from its terminals to RealmeUI, the company has also been able to draw some interesting tools to its liking. One of them is the «Games Space». The funny thing about this integrated app is that it allows you to get a performance boost, when the mobile needs more “pull” or when there is a game that is technically resistant. To be able to activate it we will have to enter the Gamespace app and click on the «Modes». Once inside we will mark the “Competition mode” which is the one that allocates more system resources to performance.

realme game performance mode

Use the Phone Manager

Realme’s mobiles are in a transition phase, from ColorOS to RealmeUI. Therefore this solution will only be valid for those who still move in ColorOS. This is because a system change has caused this diagnostic app to get lost along the way. In order to run it and check the issues that are affecting performance, click on the Phone Manager app and then on perform test. The terminal will go through all the elements of hardawre in search of problems and we will only have to follow the steps indicated on the screen.

Free up space

Disk space problems often lead to performance problems. Applications that don’t open, slow overall system performance, and other related issues. To solve them we can go to Settings / Applications and delete those with less use. Similarly, within Settings / Storage we can perform an automatic system cleanup which will delete all the junk files that are taking up space unnecessarily. An increase in available free space is usually synonymous with better performance.

Close apps in the background

It is the fastest method to try to recover the stability and speed of the system as soon as possible. Either because there are too many applications consuming resources in the background or because one of them consumes more than the account, closing them all can be a good solution. For this we touch on the quick access menu and slide all the windows to close the apps.

Check the disk

It is possible that the internal memory of our mobile phone has been damaged and is causing read and write failures that affect performance. To verify it, we also have a method, within the same Recovery Mode as above. In the same way we turn off the device leaving the power button off. Then we press the power button and lower the volume at the same time until we enter this “Recovery” mode. Now we will have to click on the “Check Disk” option. The system will perform a scan for disk problems and will offer us a report of the results.

oppo check disk

Shrink Widgets

It is a tip that Realme itself offers to improve the performance of the system. Widgets can be in constant use, consuming graphic, energy and processing resources. Therefore, it is preferable to reduce its use to the bare minimum, as well as other elements such as dynamic wallpapers.

Virus or Malware

It is one of the classic reasons that provoke Lack of performance, slowness, lag, problems opening applications and a long etc… The solution is to carry out an antivirus scan. If you have a Realme with ColorOS you can find an antivirus tool in the Phone Manager, clicking on the virus scanner. The system will take care of looking for malicious software that may be interfering with the correct operation of the system. If our Realme has RealmeUI, it will mean that we do not have an integrated antivirus, so it will be best to download one of the many solutions that we find on Google Play.

android antivirus

Download antivirus for Realme on Google Play

Reset to factory settings

When all of the above fails, the best is to return the device to factory settings, in order to delete all the settings and downloaded data. In this way and in most cases, the terminal will again offer the speed and performance of the first day. If this is not the case, we can start thinking about a bigger problem that may be affecting some of the hardware elements such as the processor.

To carry out this step we will have to click on Settings / Backup and then on «Factory data reset». Depending on the ColorOS or RealmeUI version, this option may be within Storage / Backup and Restore. The process will take a few minutes and the mobile will turn on again, with the problem solved.

Written by David Girao

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