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How to improve performance on Xiaomi by overclocking

How to improve performance on Xiaomi by overclocking


Technology and computing have a series of limitations imposed by manufacturers to try to offer an optimal result that combines several factors, although nevertheless the processor or memory is capable of giving more of itself. The same occurs in smartphones where we can get improve performance on Xiaomi overclocking our mobile.

This function is very simple to develop and is part of the hidden CIT menu of MIUI Although, however, it goes further and does not seem to be among your options. It is a process that is not dangerous and can manage to increase the power without negatively affecting our mobile. We will not run any risk if we launch to test it for ourselves, in a process where the clock speed at which the GPU works is increased and therefore the foreground processes should act more quickly.

Steps to overclocking on Xiaomi

We will have to start by enabling developer options on Xiaomi for this process to take effect. These steps and overclocking can be carried out in all Xiaomi phones that have MIUI 11 or MIUI 12 and therefore it also expands to Redmi or Poco devices.

developer options xiaomi miui

  • We start by entering the settings of our Xiaomi mobile
  • Then click on the section on the phone.
  • Now we will tap repeatedly on the MIUI version until the message “Developer options have been activated” appears on the screen.

Now it is time to go to the telephone application and we carry out a process that can have different results. In some mobiles it seems a message where we just have to click on the okay and in others nothing appears but it has also been carried out.

xiaomi overclocking

  • We open the phone app as if we were making a call.
  • Then we write the code: * # * # 8106 # * # *

Are performance improvements noticeable?

It is difficult to mention if the apps take less time to open or the processes are faster, the changes are minimal and almost imperceptible to the eye, but it is true that it has been possible to verify in different forums such as Reddit that the process improves the results. We have seen tests of Antutu where the results are very different after having done overclocking on Xiaomi. These are steps with which we lose nothing by trying it, possibly if we have a smartphone from the entry ranges, its result will be more noticeable than in the mid-range or high-end range.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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