How to improve the comfort of your Samsung Galaxy by blocking apps


Many times we complain about performance problems on our phones due to the pure ignorance. Today almost all Android-based customization layers allow us to alter certain settings in order to make the phone work much better. One UI, Samsung’s personalization layer is a good example of this.

When we have faced notifications problems on mobile phones from Huawei or Xiaomi we have given you a trick that allows keep the affected app open in the background so that it continues to work normally. This also improves performance since you do not have to open the app from scratch every time you access it. Of course, if you have countless apps open in the background, the opposite effect will be achieved because the RAM consumption will be higher and the processes of the mobile will take longer to run.

This option is also present in Samsung mobiles, although much more hidden.

Block apps from multitasking

To maintain Open and blocked apps on Samsung mobiles, what we have to do is access the multitasking of the device, either by sliding your finger from the bottom to the center of the screen or clicking on the corresponding button if you use the virtual controls.

block apps

Click on the icon of the app that you want to leave blocked in the background and, in the drop-down that appears on the screen, choose the last option, called «Keep open for quick start». This way you will see that the preview of the app is fixed with a padlock.

This will, for example, if you use WhatsApp, Chrome and the notes app at the same time, you can fix in the background and access them immediately because they do not have to be opened from scratch continuously, improving the overall performance of the system.

To unlock them, all you have to do is open the multitasking panel again and click on the padlock icon. It will disappear and when you click on “Close all”, all the apps in the background will be removed from memory.

Aspects to consider

Of course, this is a great advantage as long as we use it with the head, because, as the advertising slogan says, “power without control is useless.” As we have previously said, if we keep all apps that we use blocked, it will mean a greater memory consumption that, in the long run, will make the mobile work worse by having so many apps running in the background.

samsung and battery

Of course, even if consumption is not very high, the more apps we keep open, more battery will be consumed in the smartphone. So again we recommend you use this tool with your head and, when you finish your activity, re-release the apps so that they close normally when cleaning them from multitasking.

It is possible that data consumption will also be affected if we continue with several of these apps running at the same time.

Written by Miguel Martinez

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