How to improve the sound quality of a Sony Xperia with these settings


Sound is one of the basic aspects of our phone, whatever the brand. And there are manufacturers that put more effort than others to be able to take control of the sound and improve with some options. This is the case of Sony, which offers us some adjustments that can improve the sound quality of a Xperia.

The sound and its way of reproducing is something that is usually quite personal. And in order to improve the quality of reproduction some Sony Xperia phones they have specific settings to be able to increase the quality of the sound like the ones that we are going to see next.

Improve audio quality

Low-end phones generally offer decent quality sound, but far from what other mid-range or high-end phones can offer. Sony is a specialist in offering medium and high-end terminals with an outstanding sound section.

offer of the Sony Xperia 5

It is compatible with high-resolution audio technologies, not only when listening to it from your speakers, but also when it is sent via bluetooth connectivity to headphones. For this we have specific adjustments.

Settings that improve the sound of an Xperia

Well, on Xperia phones, the vast majority can improve audio thanks to two settings. Both can be found logically in the phone’s audio settings.

  • Enter the settings of your Sony Xperia
  • Access Ā«audio settingsĀ»
  • Activate DSEE HX or Clear Audio + functionality

Here we can find two different settings to improve the audio. One is that of DSEE HX, a proprietary Sony technology that improves the quality of the audio files we listen to on the phone. This means that any song we listen to or similar will improve its sound to close to that of high-resolution audio. Therefore an MP3 that you play on your Sony, with this functionality it will sound more like a FLAC or WAV.

Improve Sound Sony Xperia

When you activate the functionality Clear Audio + What your Sony mobile does is choose for you the best sound settings to listen to our favorite content. This disables the choice of Xperia sound profiles or their customization, and it is the Sony tool that you choose for us. Therefore, with the conjunction of both tools, it is possible to improve the general sound of our Sony Xperia mobile. Especially of the content that we reproduce. Therefore they are two settings that can offer a real improvement in the sound of the phone, although logically with limitations, because the sound sources are what they are.

Written by Jorge Sanz

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