How to improve vibration on Samsung phones


The vibration of our mobile It is an important element and that can serve as a support when the sounds are deactivated. However, sometimes its intensity may not be enough, or precisely the opposite, that we need to decrease its power. What until a few years ago was an immovable parameter, can now easily be modified on Samsung mobiles.

The vibration motor that integrates Samsung phones can receive orders so that its intensity is to our liking. It is an option that many times, the user does not find with the naked eye, but it is very useful. A subtle vibration can make us hear of an incoming call, but too strong a vibration in the middle of a meeting, can be just as annoying or more than the ringtone.

Change the intensity of the vibration

When we silence our mobile, the vibration can serve as an alert service to find out everything that happens on our mobile, without the need to disturb others. The good news is that the Samsung Galaxy can modify three types of vibrations, allowing us to better identify what type of alert our mobile is receiving, since over time we can identify the intensity of each vibration. However, before we will have to go to the settings to change the parameters of the vibration.

In order to modify the intensity of the vibration we must go to Settings and enter the section “Sounds and vibration”. Once inside we touch on “Vibration intensity”. Once in this menu we will see three options and sliders to adjust to our liking each vibration.

vibration on samsung

Three vibrations to modify

Samsung allows us to modify this option both for incoming calls, as well as for notifications or interaction responses with the touch screen. As we say, each user must modify them to their liking. However, good advice is set each to a different intensity, to be able to identify them better when we have the mobile in our pocket or vibrate on a table. For example, we can leave incoming calls (whose vibration is more durable) in a softer vibration, while notifications can be stronger to ensure that we do not miss any.

Watch out for the battery

However, it must be remembered that the stronger the intensity of the vibration, more energy the motor needs to run and therefore, more energy expenditure is required, which in the end represents a battery expense that we must take into account.

Written by David Girao

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