How to install and create custom brushes

If you are one of those who have been using the Adobe tool for a while, surely you already know the use of the brush tool well, however, if you are one of those who is beginning to use Photoshop, we will briefly explain the capabilities and brush options.

How the Photoshop Brush Tool Works

It is one of the most used by users and we can find it in the toolbar easily since it is represented with the icon of a brush. Just click on it to select it or press the letter B. Once selected, just below the main Photoshop menu, the brush toolbar will appear, giving us access to all its options and settings.

There we will find the brush selector and all your options such as the possibility of choosing the size, hardness, if we want a brush that paints in a more defined or blurred way, as well as the option of choosing among a lot of brushes available by default with Photoshop.

Photoshop brush

Once you have selected the brush and configured its options, it is also possible to choose the color with which we want to paint, its opacity, drawing flow, etc. The option to switch the brushes panel shows us a small window in which we will find the brushes tab, where we will find all those available by default plus those that we have been able to add later or even those that we have created ourselves. On the other hand, in the presets tab we find all the types of brushes or tips.

How to add new brushes

The Photoshop tool offers us the possibility of adding or importing new brushes, which we can download on any of the websites shown below completely free of charge:

  • Brusheezy: It is one of the most popular sites and where many Photoshop users come every day to download new brushes. It has a search engine that allows us to easily find the brushes we need, although we can also find textures, patterns, etc. Brusheezy has a lot of free downloadable brushes, although the license may vary depending on the author who shared the resource, so we should look first of all.
  • Brushez: It is a website where we can find a lot of resources for the Photoshop tool from various authors, such as brushes, fonts, patterns, styles and even some PSD files that we can download to use.
  • MyPhotoshopBrushes: On this site we can find a large collection of brushes, organized by categories and that we can also search through the search box that it offers.
  • Brushlovers: This time, it is a site where we can find a medley of Photoshop resources, such as brushes, patterns, styles, etc. In this case, the license of each of them will also depend on each of the authors who provide them.
  • FBrushes: This is another website similar to the previous ones where we can find brushes, patterns or textures organized by categories for Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

photoshop brushes

Once we have downloaded our brush on any of these websites or others that we can find on the Internet, we can go to Photoshop to add it and have it available in the brush tool. It is important to note that the file type of the brushes for the Adobe tool is .APR, therefore, if the download is a .ZIP file, we must unzip it to have the brush available in .ABR format.

So the next thing we have to do is:

  • We open Photoshop.
  • We select the tool Brush.
  • We deploy the tab that appears next to the brush size in the options menu that is shown at the top.
  • Now we click on the icon of the gear shown in the upper right.
  • We select the option Import brushes.

  • This will open a modal window in which we must go to the path where we have saved the .ABR file with the brush that we have previously downloaded.
  • We select it and click on Load.

Now, we can go to the Photoshop brush tool and check that the new brush that we just added is available for use. Normally, it is displayed at the end of the entire list of available brushes.

How to create our own brush in Photoshop

Now, if we need a specific brush and we do not want to go to any of the websites mentioned above or sites where other creators share their brushes, we can easily create a brush ourselves in Photoshop. For this, these are the steps to follow:

  • We open Photoshop
  • We create the shape with which we want to create our brush or open the image that contains it if we have already created it or previously downloaded it.
  • Then we click on the menu option Edition.
  • We select the option Define brush value.

Photoshop brush

  • We assign a name to our brush and press To accept.
  • Automatically, we will see how to create a new brush with the shape or figure that we had open in Photoshop and that will also be selected so that we can start using it. Like the rest of the brushes, we can access the settings to reduce the size, opacity, color, etc.

From now on, the new brush will be available in the preset brush selector field of the option bar. By default it will appear at the end of everything, so we will have to scroll to the end to be able to select it and use it when we need it.

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