How to Install ClickSville Kodi Addon in 2020: High Quality Content

How to Install ClickSville Kodi Addon in 2020 to Watch High Quality Content

Would you like to learn how to install the ClickSville Kodi add-on in 2020? You’re in the right place. Feeling down is evident during the COVID-19 outbreak, but there are escape routes along the way, especially if you’re a streaming geek. You can install the ClickSville Kodi add-on to make your days in isolation more fun.

Today I will show you how to install ClickSville Kodi add-on by following just a few simple steps. I’ve also shared screenshots for your guide so you can easily understand the installation method. This procedure hardly takes five minutes, but before installing ClickSville Kodi Addon, make sure you are running the VPN; this ensures safe streaming.

The ClickSville Kodi add-on

ClickSville offers a versatile menu that entertains the users. Users get access to music, radio, an independent children’s section, zones with free links and many other functions. So to install ClickSville Kodi Addon, you will need to download a zip file for the Last Kingdom Repository.

If watching movies and TV shows is your favorite time to kill your quarantine time, the ClickSville Kodi add-on is ideal for you. You can stream movies by their genres and TV shows you like. The children’s movies range from Disney movies to anime series.

Fortunately, ClickSville Kodi Add-on is compatible with Real Debrid Account; this is a premium membership plan that gives its users access to 4K resolution. It helps you optimize your internet speed and utilize the download potential of your internet network. If you want to solve your buffering problems with Kodi then Real Debrid is the way to go! If you’re curious about Real Debrid and how you can take advantage of it, I recommend reading this post for more information.

Benefits of Installing ClickSville Kodi Addon

  • Watch recordings of your favorite concerts and music videos
  • Highly compatible with Real Debrid
  • Efficient yet easy to use
  • User-friendly and convenient interface
  • The premium plan offers secure streaming

Disadvantages of Installing ClickSville Kodi Addon

  • Third-party add-on (made by community developers) which means you need a VPN for secure streaming and privacy
  • Some mediocre links are inconsistent and stop working after a week or two

How to install ClickSville Kodi Addon in 2020

Most important step!

Kodi is an open-source media systemization platform that gives community developers complete freedom to include add-ons. Thanks to these add-ons you can stream videos online. Although there are not as many official Kodi addons as those available on third party addons. It is not recommended because third-party add-ons can rely on torrent links and other servers to store the content may have limited access due to copyright issues. These add-ons may also contain malware in your unprotected devices. To protect your devices from these harmful computer viruses and stream unidentified content through Kodi add-ons, the installation of a premium VPN is necessary.

The VPN I Recommend

Of all the different options available, I would suggest that you choose IPVanish in 2020. If you want to stream anonymously, protect your classified data, keep your device safe from hackers and keep your browsing history confidential, choose this add-on for its extraordinary performance. The IPVanish consists of many advanced elements that do not provide end-to-end logging and data encryption. It too grants exclusive access to premium servers worldwide, allowing you to view blocked content in your area.

Today, people mainly prefer digitized transactions and online payments. However, these transactions are vulnerable to hacking attacks. This is why IPVanish includes end-to-end data encryption, the login details and personal information of your bank accounts will remain confidential even if you are connecting to a public Internet network.

A plug-in or even an add-on can access copyrighted data via a link. As IPVanish is present on your server, your identity remains hidden and no one will be able to find out your original IP address. Anonymous streaming saves you the headache of receiving numerous ad emails from promoters buying or retrieving private data through ISPs.

You can browse efficiently and possibly stream content if you subscribe to IPVanish. It provides users with unlimited bandwidth and makes premium servers accessible in many countries around the world.

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Enable download from unknown sources

ClickSville refers to the zip file required for the Last Kingdom Repository, provided by the third-party developers, as well as the community add-on. So, before installing ClickSville Kodi Addon, make sure that you allow Kodi to download documents from unidentified sources, as follows:

  1. Open Kodi and start launching> Click Cogwheel figure to access settings
  2. Scroll through the options presented in the main menu and click System
  3. Find the add-ons option available near the left pane
  4. Choose the option ‘Download from unknown sources
  5. Review the settings and click OKPlease enable unknown sources on Kodi before ClickSville Addon

Download zip file from Last Kingdom Repository

  1. After you are redirected to settings, open File manager
  2. Click twice Add source> click on and then type or paste the following URL exactly as specified – to access the Last Kingdom RepositoryInstall the repository with the ClickSville a
dd-on on your Kodi
  3. Assign a specific name to the media source so that you can later distinguish it from the other sources
  4. Press OK and then go back to the Settings again

Install the repository

  1. Choose the Installer package option> Select install from the zip file
  2. Click Pedro King (you can also choose the source you mentioned earlier) and then the zip file named
  3. You will receive a notification Last Kingdom Repository Add-on installed confirmation of installation

Install ClickSville Addon on Kodi

  1. To check Install from repository
  2. Locate Last Kingdom Repository from the list of repositories installed on your Kodi
  3. Select video add-ons and you will be directed to a list of add-ons available in the repository
  4. Find and click Click on SvilleFind and select ClickSville to install the add-on on Kodi
  5. Press to install and check OK

Using ClickSville Kodi Addon

ClickSville is a Kodi addon specializing in Real Debrid content to a greater extent than most other add-ons I’ve used. But even with that being said, it provides access to free content so does a good entertainment add-on, even if you don’t have a Real Debrid account.

The Real Debrid content can all be accessed through the Real Debrid Vault. If you go to this section, you will find many more subcategories available. Some of the highlights I would like to suggest are the Real Debrid Movies and Real Debrid TV Shows. However, the safe is also the place where you can access the sports zone, where you can find WWE, UFC and Boxing.

Free content is mainly available through the Free Links Zone, but depending on the stream you select, you can sometimes even find free options in the Real Debrid area. Overall, the add-on is quite easy to use and intuitive with good speed and quality. True Debrid is definitely a highlight, as many of the movies also offer small thumbnails so you don’t rely purely on text.


Thanks to Real Debrid, ClickSville can be considered an add-on that delivers quality content.

However, Before installing and using the ClickSville Kodi add-on, make sure that a good VPN, such as IPVanish, is running on your device. This is essential as you have used an add-on developed by third party developers dealing with unidentified sources and anonymous links. In contrast to this, other add-ons rely on torrent servers that can expose your IP addresses to hackers, ISPs and government organizations. VPN is the ideal choice for accessing blocked sites, securing your data and increasing browsing speed.

Disclaimer: BestDroidPlayer is in no way affiliated with any streaming application and its add-ons. We are also not associated with the brands shown here as the references are for informational purposes only. We do not support the consumption of illegal content; the content provided here is for informational purposes only. So if you decide to use it in some way, we recommend using a VPN.

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