How to install different firmware versions on the Mi Band 4


Among the most popular sports bracelets, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is undoubtedly the most outstanding, a smartband that has many options but that we could take advantage of even more. With this intention we want to show you the different firmware versions for the Mi Band 4 and we will explain all the process that we must carry out.

The developers of the Xiaomi company are continuously working on news for their bracelet, which they are beginning to test in the beta version to which few users have access. We are going to be able to have it in our My Band 4 or have the stable version that we want on the bracelet. This option is as valid for those who want the latest news and changes as for those who prefer a version that worked better for them than the one offered through the Mi Fit app itself.

What do we need to change the version in the Mi Band 4

As an indispensable aspect if we do not want errors to be generated in the process we will have to uninstall the Mi Fit app from our mobile to install the Notify & Fitness for Mi Band app that is available on Google Play instead. Once installed we will have to pair the bracelet with this app so that we can carry out the process later.

firmware mi band 4

The next thing we will need is the file with the firmware and resources for it to work properly. We will find this in the following shared folder on Google Drive from where we have access to everything necessary. It is divided into sections where the first thing we have to download is the firmware and according to it, the necessary resources that in the case of the latest stable version are indicated in the number of resources and in the last stable version they will always be the last published resources.

Steps to change the firmware for stable or beta

Once we have the files downloaded on our mobile and the Notify And Fitness application ready, we proceed to install any of the versions for the Mi Band 4. The steps are not too difficult and we only need some patience because the update can take up to 10 minutes.

version my band 4 notify and fitness

  • We start by accessing the Notify And Fitness app and making sure it’s paired with the bracelet.
  • Then at the top we will choose the last tab with the shape of sound bars.
  • Among the following tabs we choose tools.
  • To finish we select the option «Update My Band Firmware».

update firmware mi band 4

A tab will appear where we select the file finished in .fw that we have previously downloaded to install it on our bracelet. After choosing it, the option to start the update will appear and once installed, we will have to repeat the process to point out the resources.

When we have completed everything we will have to continue using Notify And Fitness or else the Mi Band 4 will return to the original firmware version irretrievably.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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