How to install LooNatics 3000 Kodi Addon: updated bug-fixed version

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Hello everyone, I am here with the guide install the updated LooNatics 3000 Kodi Addon in 2020. This is an add-on for movies and TV shows. You can install the LooNatics 3000 Kodi add-on from the LooNatics 3000 Asylum Repo. For you install LooNatics 3000 Kodi add-on, it is important to see the features at a glance.

The LooNatics 3000 Kodi add-on

LooNatics 3000 is a movie and TV show add-on. It is compatible with Kodi Leia 18.5 and older versions. The best thing about the LooNatics 3000 add-on is that you can configure it for your Real-Debrid and Trakt account. On the other hand, LooNatics 3000 Addon uses torrent links. This feature allows you to watch the latest movies and TV shows, but you have to be extremely careful. Torrent servers are notorious for their vulnerability. Your IP address will be revealed publicly. You must install and run the VPN for anonymous and secure streaming.

Advantages of installing LooNatics 3000 Kodi Addon

  • Watch the latest movies (in the cinema) and TV shows
  • Good streaming quality including 4K (with Real-Debrid or Trakt)
  • Updated bug fix version
  • Configurable for Real-Debrid and Trakt

Disadvantages of LooNatics 3000 Kodi Addon

  • Uses torrent sources
  • A VPN is a must for this third-party add-on
  • Fewer options in the Live TV category
  • Some inconsistent links are dead

Stream anonymously and securely

Third-party add-ons from community developers offer much nicer streaming content, but you should be fairly careful when using these add-ons. Community developers do not host content. They easily enable Kodi (the open source) platform to stream media from online sources. Some sources are unsafe, such as torrent servers. These are the things you don’t want to reveal to government agencies or ISP. But the fact is, these vulnerable servers make everything public. But the solution is not out of your reach.

Install the best VPN for safe streaming and forget about all vulnerabilities.

The VPN we recommend

IPVanish is the best option for secure streaming in 2020. It has a huge network of premium servers which covers the six continents. IPVanish also protects all traffic through end-to-end encryption. With the IPVanish maintenance, you can bypass geo-blocking by using a virtual IP address from premium servers.

IPVanish has implemented the Zero-Log policy. It makes sure that browsing history and user data is not stored on a servicer. The ISP and watchdogs find no way to reveal the real identity or location of the internet user.

Third-party add-ons are unsafe for several reasons. They can contain infected files or Trojans to extract data from the destination device. But the VPN service encrypts the traffic which means that the information is hidden from suspicious programs. In this way you can protect your confidential and personal information from unauthorized access.

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How to install LooNatics 3000 Addon on Kodi

For you install LooNatics 3000 Kodi Addon you must configure the platform to download files from unknown sources.

Enable unknown sources

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  1. Run Kodi and press the cogwheel (settings)
  2. Please select System> Scroll through the left pane and navigate to add-ons
  3. Switch Download from unknown sources (right side of the screen)
  4. Lock settings by pressing OK (you can change the settings after installing the LooNatics 3000 add-on)

Install the repository

  1. First you MUST connect to a good VPN like IPVanishbefore continuing to avoid your ISP to block the repo and the add-on. Also, this add-on uses Torrent resources, which will reveal your IP to others – for example, to your ISP.
  2. Then come back to Settings and select File manager (folder)
  3. Scroll down and open Add source
  4. Please select and the text field will ask you to type or paste the URL into LooNatics 3000 Asylum Repo
  1. Type a name for the media source and press OKWrite down the LooNatics 3000 Asylum repo with the add-on to install on Kodi
  2. Visit the Settings panel again and select it Package installer (Open-Box)
  3. Please select install from zip file> Find the name of the media source you typed (LooNatics 3000) and select
  4. Click on the zip file
  5. Stay on the same screen until you see the notification LooNatics 3000 Sylum Repo add-on installed

Install LooNatics Addon in Kodi

  1. Press Install from repository
  2. Find and select LooNatics 3000 Asylum Repo
  3. Click Video add-ons
  4. Find LooNatics 3000 and select
  5. Touch To install. When asked, install any dependencies by clicking Ok. Wait for the successfully installed message to appear

Using LooNatics 3000 Kodi Addon

Using LooNatics after you install it is pretty easy. Once started, you will be presented with a simple menu where you can configure both Trakt and Real-Debrid (which you can find in
the Tools menu). The main areas of interest in LooNatics 3000 are titled Movies, TV Shows and Live TV. Within each of these main categories you will find multiple subcategories so you can drill down to the specific streams you are interested in. For example, movies include both the latest movies and Hot Movies, and in the Live TV section there are hundreds of streams from all over the world for you to watch. The quality of the streams is quite high and if you have a Real-Debrid account you can even get 4K HD content.

The LooNatics 3000 Kodi Addon has been tested and worked fine on August 5, 2020 👌


This is a good add-on, simple and effective with the required up to modern streaming applications, worth the installation. But not required, once you are install LooNatics 3000 Kodi Addon you can configure it for Real-Debrid and Trakt accounts, to get the most out of it.

We hope that with this Kodi Addon you can enjoy good movies and TV shows in HD, Full HD and 4K quality. Let us know your experience in the comment box below, rate and share this LooNatics 3000 Kodi Addon installation guide with all your friends.

Have fun streaming!

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