How to install MIUI 12 on Xiaomi Mi A3 step by step


Although the Xiaomi Mi A3 It is a terminal with good features and much to offer, the problems caused by each update of this device can even make us despair. We have seen how an incorrect ROM was sent via OTA and other failures related to the fingerprint reader, so a good solution may be install MIUI 12 and have the best of Xiaomi also in software.

The steps necessary to install this new ROM are not complicated, but they are not for beginners either, and we will try to develop them in a simple way. Before starting we recommend as always, extract all the photos and files that you have stored in the device since you will lose them in the process, in the same way as the manufacturer’s guarantee and for this reason we must do it under our responsibility, for the failures that could be caused in the Xiaomi Android One.

Steps to have MIUI 12 on the Xiaomi Mi A3

The ROM that we are going to install on the Xiaomi Mi A3 has been developed and published through XDA Developers and it does not have serious bugs or known problems, so we should not fear when installing it. We can use it in Spanish since it is based on the ROM. Before we start we will have to check the updates of Android One for the last time to make sure that we have the latest stable version and that we do not suffer errors along the way.

unlock xiaomi bootloader

The next thing to do is to have the bootloader unlocked, a process that can be accomplished like this:

  • First we downloaded the Mi Unlock application developed by Xiaomi that allows us to unlock the bootloader even on Android One.
  • Unzip the downloaded file and open the executable miflash_unlock to log in with our Mi account.
  • Now we turn off the mobile and turn it on by keeping the volume down and power button at the same time.
  • Connected to the computer, the My Unlock application will detect our smartphone, then click on “Unlock” and in a few minutes it will be ready.

ROM installation

Once we have our smartphone with the bootloader unlocked, we only have to install the ROM that has been expressly developed for this model with the intention of change Android One to MIUI 12. We will do this with the MIA3 MIUI Fastboot Flasher v2.0 tool, which greatly facilitates the steps to follow.

  • First we extract the zip file of the MIUI firmware by downloading it at this link.
  • We also have to download the latest ROM from the link below.
  • We connect the mobile to the computer and pay for it, then turn it on with the volume down and power button
  • Then we copy “MIA3_MIUI_Fastboot_Flasher.exe” in the root of the firmware folder.
  • Now we run “MIA3_MIUI_Fastboot_Flasher.exe”, which will create new files in your firmware folder.
  • Finally we run “Flash_And_Format_Data.bat” or “Flash_Without_Format_Data.bat” as your requirement.

MIUI 12 Xiaomi Mi A3

When the process is complete our mobile will already have MIUI 12 and we can configure it as if it were new. In this way Android One will not be a problem for us again and we will have the advantages of MIUI.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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