How to install the watchOS 7 public beta

watchOS 7

Two months after Apple announced that it would launch a public beta for the Apple Watch, the guys from Cupertino have taken the first step and launched the first public beta of watchOS 7 for the Apple Watch, series 3, series 4 and series 5. Lo The first thing to keep in mind before installing this beta is that you cannot downgrade.

What does this mean? Well, the Apple Watch does not work correctly, consumes a lot of battery, heats up or suffers any other anomaly, you will not be able to return to the previous version, watchOS 6. Another aspect that you must take into account is that you need your terminal to be managed by iOS 14.

What watchOS 7 offers us

The next version of the Apple Watch operating system offers us the possibility of creating and sharing spheres, sleep monitoring, a detector that alerts us if we wash our hands for the necessary time, new training routines …

However, it’s not all good news anymore. Force Touch disappears, that wonderful function that allows us to get rid of all notifications quickly.

How to install the watchOS 7 public beta

As I have commented above, the first and foremost thing is that our iPhone is managed by iOS 14, either public beta or developer beta.

  • Next, we access the Apple public beta portal from the iPhone and enter the information of our Apple ID.
  • Next, we accept the terms, click on watchOS and on the link can enroll your Apple Watch.
  • In the next step, click on Download profile. We install the profile on our iPhone.
  • Finally, we go to the iPhone Watch application, General> Software updates.

This section will show the first public beta of watchOS 7. The iPhone will will automatically download the beta and it will notify us when it is ready so that we can charge our Apple Watch and start the installation process.

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