How to know how much your TikTok account is worth

Social networks have come to revolutionize the digital market, not only for its potential to reach large masses, but also, thousands of people are profiting from these media through the digital marketing or application of strategies to publicize your brand or business.

Such is the case of giants like Facebook, where anyone with a fanpage or group with many followers is able to monetize their spaces through online advertising. This also applies to media such as Instagram, since they belong to the same company.

Of course, in order to benefit, it is necessary that your accounts are real as well as the followers and that the publications do not go against the community norms by the platforms.

Despite being a good alternative, they have certain restrictions that make reaching the goal almost impossible. However, the new short video platform known as TikTok gives you the opportunity to get extra income through sponsors and he’s working on his next ad network.

For that reason and so that you have an idea of ​​what you can perceive, we show you how to know how much your account is worth and what to do to increase its value with some tips.

Why know how much your TikTok account is worth?

Many companies seek to contact people or influencers in order to become sponsors and both benefit from promoting their brand in popular TikTok videos.

To know how much your TikTok account is worth

Importance of knowing the real value of your TikTok unsplash account

For this reason, it is important that you know how much your account is worth and thus establish a price per sponsored post. Likewise, if at any time you decide to sign up for TikTok, with these data you will have at hand an estimated range of the total price of it.

It should be noted that brands or companies will pay more to accounts with high rates of engagement, knowing that the estimated calculation is made according to this formula: [(Número de corazones + número de comentarios)/número de seguidores] x100.

How much is a tiktoker account worth?

If you started recently in TikTok, and you want to know the estimated value of your account, there is an easy way to find out and here we are going to tell you:

  • Enter the TikTok Money Calculator.
  • Place the Username (as it appears) in the search engine.
  • Wait a few seconds to see the result.
  • A window will be displayed indicating: Number of followers, Number of Hearts, Number of Post, the rate engagement or public participation rate and just below your profile will show the estimated earnings per publication established in dollars ($ USD).
How much is a tiktoker's account worth

This is the estimated price of your TikTok account after applying the influencermarketing calculation

This tool will show you the estimated earnings that you can receive for each publication. It is important to clarify that this method is not an official TikTok calculation, so you can only use it to get a basic idea. Remember that the most important thing is to produce original and quality content and get organic followers.

Tips to grow your TikTok account

If you just checked the calculator to find out how much is your TikTok account worth and you realized that the platform hardly generates you a few dollars, it is time to put these tips into practice:

Understand your audience

Once you start in TikTok, upload content of what you like to do the most. On the platform you can start with any theme, comedy, dance, sports, random, education and more.

Define the one that best suits your style and if you still don’t know, there are many users who took their first steps by recording everyday videos and now have thousands of followers.

Understand your audience

Follow these tips to increase the value of your unsplash account

The idea is that as you publish content, you understand with what type of videos you have achieved greater receptivity from your audience and from there start working.

Improve your profile

A good profile speaks of the person you are. If you attract attention on TikTok, your cover letter in front of others will be your user profile.

Make sure you have a photo that shows the best of you, and if you don’t have it, change it for one that matches what you want to convey.

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Use a user name that is easy to remember and that does not generate controversy, put a brief description indicating what they will achieve in your profile and if you want to increase traffic on your other networks, the application gives you the possibility of adding the link of your channel YouTube, Instagram or website.

Comply with norms and rules

As in any social network, the rules and regulations are clear to everyone. The idea is to maintain respect, avoid publishing videos that promote hatred or support for dangerous organizations, illegal activities and promotions, use and sale of narcotics, fraud, scams, violence, dangerous acts, naked harassment, among others.

Comply with norms and rules

Follow the rules and regulations of TikTok to the letter and avoid problems with the pexels community

To learn more about the rules of the TikTok community, check the official page. If for any reason, you go against any of these restrictions, TikTok You have the right to delete your videos.

Constant content production

At first it will be a little difficult if you don’t have the right production equipment; However, as you gain experience and fame you can improve the quality of your videos.

Another key when producing content, is to put a mini description of the video and if possible use the most popular hashtags of the moment.

Interact with the public

We know how difficult it can be to respond to each comment, but you need to take time to attend to your followers or if it is possible to like their posts.

Interact with the public

Maintain direct contact with your audience and create original and funny unsplash videos

With this you will be able to empathize even more with your audience and talk about how good you are with them. Makes streaming so that they know more about you or perhaps answer live the doubts or questions they have.

Share on networks

Don’t just post content on TikTok, but rather make it reach more people through Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, twitter, YouTube or more. The more people have access to your videos, the greater the receptivity and you may gain a large following.

As you will see, applying these tips you can increase followers on TikTok and progressively increase the value of your account. Now, do you know how much your account is worth? What are you waiting to find out?

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