How to know if my mobile has a guarantee


Mobiles have by law a guarantee offered by the manufacturer and in other cases the store itself is the one we buy it from. When something happens to our mobile we must look for a solution and the guarantee in case it is within the time limit of our solution. We explain everything you should know about the warranty of your mobile and how to know if you still have it.

In all the brands that officially sell in Spain, the guarantees behave the same way. The time and the way of acting is regulated under the law that protects users in the event of any misfortune with our smartphones.

Mobile warranty rights

When we buy a new mobile we are entitled to a two-year warranty regardless of whether it is the official store or some private seller. This warranty period tries to cover the premature damage that mobiles may suffer, causing users to be unable to enjoy their devices as the brand promised. A mobile phone that is under warranty gives us the following rights:

  • The repair of the product.
  • Substitution of the product for a new one.

mobile papers guarantee

In the case of mobiles and depending on the circumstances, a reduction in the price for the purchase of another product can be agreed with the manufacturer if we have not been happy. In each particular case we can find a situation, always valuing good faith of users and checking if the product has really been damaged without having used it improperly.

Points to note about the warranty

When we buy a new mobile, we must be clear about several points that could affect us, for example, the application of the guarantee, as some stores only add a first attention to our mobile, but later the person responsible is the manufacturer. We must also remember that documents such as purchase ticket They must be kept in case we ever need it, especially in cases where the store can close and we have to contact the manufacturer directly.

How to find the IMEI on your mobile

To exercise the right to the guarantee in any of the manufacturers we are going to need to know our IMEI number, a unique identification number from our mobile. This number can be found in the box of the smartphone, so it is recommended to always keep it with us.

imei samsung

Know the IMEI number from the settings

In case we do not already have the box with us, we can always consult it on the smartphone itself from the settings. I pass them to find the IMEI number may vary on some phones and brands but generally they are as follows:

  • We enter Settings.
  • Next we look for Device Information.
  • We play in State.
  • And we will find the IMEI number.

know IMEI number

Check your mobile’s warranty with all brands

Each case is particular and that is why we try to provide you with the contact methods by brand in the following list, remembering that you must have the IMEI number, all the data related to your mobile phone and the place where you bought it.

Samsung warranty contact

Samsung offers us a contact through its official website through chat or by calling the 91 175 00 15 in Spain.

Check Huawei warranty

In the case of Huawei we can check the warranty online in a few simple steps. We can also contact them through the chat on the official website and through the phone number. 900 483 303 in Spain.

Check Xiaomi warranty

The official signature of Xiaomi in Spain offers us as a method of contact a chat on its official website or through the phone number 902 220 250 for Spain.

Contact OPPO guarantee

The OPPO firm offers us the digital means to contact them or through the phone number 900 974 979 in Spain.

Check warranty realme

Realme’s service is available at the email «» or in Spain from the phone 800,000 524.

Consult OnePlus guarantee

We can contact OnePlus and its after-sales service them through the chat on the official website and through the telephone number 944 58 05 03 in Spain.

Check Nokia warranty

Nokia mobile users can find out the status of their warranty on the official Nokia website via chat or email.

LG warranty contact

The LG company offers us virtual attention on its website or telephone attention on the number 963 05 05 00 for Spain.

Check Sony warranty

In the case of Sony, we only have its official website available to check the status of the warranty, but there is no phone number available.

Motorola warranty contact

Motorola offers us the digital means to contact them by email or through the phone number 912 757 164 in Spain.

Check Apple warranty

The Apple firm in Spain offers us as a contact method for our incidents or queries the official website with steps adapted to each device. We can also choose the phone number 900 812 703 for Spain.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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