How to know if your mobile will no longer receive more Android updates

Knowing if your mobiles continue to have update support is important, especially with regard to Internet security, so we show you the aspects and indicators to consider to check it in the most reliable way

At this point no one will doubt the fact that freedom on the Android platform is both the greatest of its virtues and its most important problemBecause the ease with which it is possible to implement Android on different devices and modify it to suit your needs makes it also very complex to handle fragmentation and lack of updates in many of these devices from countless manufacturers.

They know it in a Google fully involved in reducing this gap, first with Project Treble and now with Mainline, but still a long way to go so that smartphones still alive do not run out of update support prematurely … And you, do you want to know how to detect whether or not your mobile will receive more Android updates?

How to know if my mobile will continue updating

Sometimes it is not easy to know if your mobile will continue to update, but we will try to help you

Well, there are several indicators that we can consider as very reliable to detect if a smartphone continues to maintain support from the manufacturer or has already been discontinued and its support abandoned, such as age and manufacturer of the same -most firms usually confirm their plans- or patch versions Android.

It is not a simple thing a priori to detect it, but taking into account that multiple assumptions that agree tend to lead us to good conclusions, we will try to help you recognize if a smartphone is still alive in terms of support after-sales and updates, as this it is essential to maintain our Internet security and be able to continue using our mobile phones in peace.

Sometimes it is complex to know if a manufacturer has stopped the support of certain mobiles, but there are certain references and indicators that you should look to see if your smartphones still maintain the support of updates … Let’s see what they are!

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Android updates

Update support remains one of the headaches on the Android platform

Mobile manufacturer and installed Android version

At this point the first thing you should look at Who is the manufacturer of your mobile and what version of Android are you currently on?, since most manufacturers usually anticipate your upgrade and support plans in their terminal catalogs, usually forgetting the cheapest ranges in favor of state-of-the-art and mobile services.

If you Google with the keywords “Android updates (manufacturer)” surely you will find dozens of tickets with roadmap announced every year for new Android versions, and this will officially indicate if your mobile still has support.

Most brands usually offer up to two years of update support major and up to three years of security patchesAlthough this is not an exact science and each firm updates according to its plans. Samsung, for example, does it monthly with its most performance devices in the last year, going to quarterly updates in the second year and so on until the terminal is discontinued.

The other part of the equation is look at the version of Android that you usesince manufacturers are usually one iteration behind Google betas and a good indicator of abandonment is having already stayed in previous versions how to do it this year in Android 9.0 Oreo. Also, remember that there are programs like Android One or Android Go that ensure direct support from Google, so if you have one of these terminals you should know that you have three years of official support.

Update on Android

The dates and levels of Android security patches, probably the most important indicator

The age of the phone, the range in catalog and its price

Obviously the age of the terminal is probably a key factorYou should know that the majority of firms annually iterate their ranges, gradually abandoning the previous high-end, on a wheel that does not stop turning and maintains the smartphone renewal period between one and two years as a rule.

If your mobile was presented this year it will surely have support, especially if it is from a powerful manufacturer, but he will lose it as he turns years and it will surely be discontinued from the third anniversary.

This is accentuated by the ranges and prices of the devices., since the aforementioned applies to the noblest, leaving probably the most economical ranges as of one year old, and the average ranges as of the second and no priority on updates in no case.

That is why I I always always recommend a high-end mobile from previous years and not a mid-range of the current exercise before, because the support will continue to be better for last year’s high-end.

System update on Samsung Galaxy S10

Keep your phone updated, your Internet security will appreciate it

Levels in Android security patches

Perhaps the most objective and visual way to check it is check the Android security patches of our terminal, since here many manufacturers sign commitments with Google or promise their users regular updates that will set the pace of device support.

We already know that Mountain View giant publishes monthly review of Android security patches, and usually the most cutting-edge smartphones are updated every month with this patch indicating it in the settings:

  1. Open the Setting and go to the menu of System
  2. Look for the section of About of the phone
  3. Check the level of Security Patch and its date

Have a level of security with recent date assures us that our mobile still receives regular updates at least related to security, and this should leave us alone while browsing the Internet or using our services on mobile.

Conversely, if the date the security patch marks is very old, chances are that our manufacturer has already left us unsupported and we are exposed to vulnerabilities not corrected the device firmware, something very dangerous in these times as you can imagine.

Three mobiles on a table

Maintain support and reduce fragmentation, the pending subject of Google

Why is it so important to update our Android?

Obviously and ultimately, if you still have doubts, you can use the customer service of your manufacturer, who usually have contact via email or social media channels where they are surely willing to confirm or not the update support of any smartphone.

And it is without a doubt yes, it is very important to keep the devices updated, especially an Android mobile phone that you will take with you most of the day and will often use to consult important information, news on the Internet, check email or even more personal topics like keeping a photo gallery synchronized with the cloud or managing mobile payments and other banking operations.

Security is everything and Android updates not only incorporate new features and functionality to the operating system along with the usual interface and graphics improvements, but also they also install security patches that are vital on a smartphone to prevent our personal data from being stolen or someone from compromising our online privacy.

It is true that the most striking are the news of each iteration in Android, but these major updates are normally only done once a year, leaving for a monthly or quarterly operation the correction of errors and bugs, security patch loading and fluency improvements which are a classic in updates via OTA that periodically reach our smartphones.

If your manufacturer has abandoned you, we are sorry, but the ideal would be for you to find a way to have a new smartphone for securityalthough sometimes the scene It offers you the possibility to update with custom ROMs and custom patches. Attentive in that case to forums like xda-developers.

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