How to know if your mobile's sensors are failing, and how to fix it

If you think that the sensors of your mobile do not work well, with these methods you can confirm it and fix the possible failures.

Your mobile consists of a series of sensors that allow many of those functions that you use so much, such as unlocking with your fingerprint. Usually, the failures of these sensors are not easily recognizable, so in this guide we will see how you can know if the sensors of your mobile do not work well and how to solve those possible problems.

Depending on the sensor, the failure will be one or the other. For example, in the case of the proximity sensor, it may not recognize well when you bring the phone to your ear during a call and it does not turn off the screen. However, the methods that we will talk about below are general, that is, they serve to recognize and fix the failures of any sensor on your mobile.

Fingerprint reader in OnePlus 8

Learn how to find out if your mobile sensors are failing and how you can fix them.

How to test the phone sensors to find out if they are failing

From a fingerprint sensor that doesn’t recognize them well to a pedometer that doesn’t count your steps accurately, sensor errors can noticeably ruin the user experience of the same. Therefore, it is advisable to know how to recognize if the sensors of your mobile phone are failing.

In order to recognize these errors, you must carry out tests on your mobile that analyze the operation of its components. We found several methods to test the status of the sensors, although in this guide we opt for the use of apps that are specifically dedicated to it and that we can find without problems in the Google Play Store.

One of the most important is Multitool sensors, in which we will focus the explanation, although you can use others such as Sensor Box for Android, Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite or Phone Doctor Plus. These apps, in addition to showing you in great detail what are the sensors of your mobile and how they work, they also reveal to you if they suffer any failure.

As we have said, we have selected Multi-Tool Sensors for being a very useful application for this cause. Only about 5 MB in size and free, Multi-Tool Sensors stands out for a simple interface that shows you the data from all the sensors of your mobile on the main screen. The app needs your permission to access some of the sensors, such as location sensors or cameras.

From that main screen you can see if the graphics and data from the sensors are not correct and test their operation. For example, you can put your hand closer to see if the proximity sensor responds or illuminate the phone with a light source to verify that the brightness sensor works as it should.

Multi-Tool Sensors App

Multitool Sensors is one of the best apps to find out about sensor failures.

Accelerometer, gyroscope, connection to WiFi networks, pedometer, barometer, magnometer or temperature sensor are some of the other components that you can try with Multitool Sensors. For your information, this app has also with a premium version with which you can access more advanced functions.

How to fix the sensor failures of your mobile

Once you have used Multi Tool Sensors -or another similar app- to recognize the failures of your mobile sensors, it is time to fix them. We have already known the importance of these sensors, so it is very useful to learn to solve your possible problems without the need for experts.

If the sensors don’t work well, the solution is simple: You should calibrate them. Of course, there are applications for your mobile that are responsible for carrying out this task. Unfortunately, we did not find applications that calibrate the sensors in general, so you must resort to tools that fix sensor failures individually. The following are some of the most important:

Reset proximity sensor

Proximity sensor of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10

You can calibrate the proximity sensor thanks to third-party apps.

This app called Reset proximity sensor helps you just that, to calibrate this proximity sensor to work properly. You just need to follow the steps marked on the screen to fix the proximity sensor failures and, for example, to allow the sensor to turn off the screen again when you are on the phone.


App to calibrate the compass sensor

With the Compass app you can calibrate this sensor on your mobile.

This is one of the apps that you can use to calibrate the compass on your mobile. After accessing the function to calibrate the compass, you must move the phone in all three directions that you will see on screen. So you can fix the possible failures of this important sensor to guide you.

Accelerometer Calibration Free

Process to calibrate the mobile accelerometer

This is the interface of the Accelerometer Calibration app to calibrate the accelerometer.

The accelerometer on your phone can also cause problems, but it is possible to solve it easily with this app that helps you calibrate it in a few seconds. It is important to do it every so often, since the operation of this element can deteriorate over time. In addition to helping you calibrate the accelerometer, this free app also alerts you when the sensor needs a calibration.

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