How to know the refresh rate of a mobile screen


In recent months, manufacturers have found a new feature of their mobiles that can serve as a good claim to sell more terminals. It is the refresh rate of the phone, which is increasing and offers us better visual experiences. Well, today we tell you how you can check how many hertz is the refresh rate of your mobile.

We are learning about mobiles that even offer us 144Hz screens, designed especially to play as smoothly as possible. Because as you know, precisely at a higher refresh rate, all the animations and transitions of our phone are smoother.

Check it without apps

There are apps on the market that offer us the possibility of knowing if a mobile phone is compatible with this display technology, some even give us standard information on screen values ​​and details among which this refresh rate is. Well, today we propose to meet you with a simple website that is responsible for analyzing the properties of our screen to tell us if we are really enjoying the hertz that the manufacturer promises.

mobile screen refresh rate

For this, what we must do is enter the web browser of our mobile phone, either Chrome, Firefox or any other. Once inside we must access the website where we will be able to check these parameters. Automatically, when we enter this website, a check will be made of the screen of the device from which we are browsing, in this case our mobile phone, to show in the upper bar the exact refresh rate at which the screen is working. of the telephone.

Does it match the settings of your mobile?

Although the perception of a screen with a high refresh rate is quite high, we realize just manipulating the interface of the terminal, it is true that we do not always have the certainty that the phone is working at the refresh rate promised by the manufacturer or that we have chosen in the terminal settings themselves. In this way, the actual refresh rate when entering the web.

mobile refresh rate 90 hz or more

In this case with two different mobiles we have been able check that they work at 60Hz and 90Hz respectively, although it always shows us that in this case the rate is 59Hz and 89Hz. It is an easy way to check this feature, both on a mobile phone and on any other device with a screen. In fact, anyone with whom we access this website will be analyzed.

Written by Jorge Sanz

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