How to limit battery consumption by freezing apps on a Realme


The battery consumption of our phones is one of the main concerns that we mobile users have, also those of Realme. In these there are also many factors that influence battery consumption. And to limit it as much as possible, we propose a trick of the Chinese signature layer that allows us to limit energy consumption.

The layer Realme UI It has received a great facelift in recent months, which has substantially improved its visual appearance and has released some very interesting features. Today we stop at one that can greatly limit the battery consumption of the terminal.

Limit how apps run in the background

This time we look at a setting for Realme phones that allows us to limit the battery drain of apps that are running in the background.

realme x50 5g

This is one of the aspects that usually consumes the most energy from our phones, since apps that work in this way can have a high consumption using services such as GPS positioning. Well, there is a section in the Realme layer that allows us limit which apps can work in background.

So you can “freeze” an app in the background

This is how Realme calls the function of limiting the energy consumption of apps when they are in the background. This is integrated into the own Realme UI Drum Tools, and can be easily activated. To do this you must do the following:

  • Enter the settings of your Realme mobile
  • Click on the «Battery» options
  • Move to the bottom of the screen and tap on “quick freeze app”

battery consumption realme

This is where you can choose what apps installed on your Realme will “freeze” automatically when we stop using it. We will see a complete list of the apps installed on our phone, and we will only have to click on the slider next to it to activate this functionality. In this way when the function is activated, we will see how these apps are frozen, they do not receive or send messages, or they can not read information or make use of sensors on the phone.

battery consumption realme

In short, its use is completely frozen and prevents energy consumption from occurring while we are not using these apps. Because many of the times when we notice abnormal energy consumption, we end up realizing that they are largely the unused apps those that make a higher energy consumption. Furthermore, on the other hand, we ensure that there is no fraudulent use of these in the background.

Written by Jorge Sanz

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