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How to listen to YouTube songs with the iPhone screen turned off

How to listen to YouTube songs with the iPhone screen turned off

One of the questions we constantly ask ourselves is why can’t we listening to YouTube music in the background on our iPhone. This is something basic for many users since the simple fact of turning off the screen and continuing to listen to our favorite music on the social network is something that could be done in the past.

Today we will show a little “trick” to be able listening to YouTube songs with the iPhone screen turned off and the device completely locked. This can also be carried to iPads, as it is the same operating system.

Why is it not allowed to listen to YouTube videos in the background?

Well, the answer to this question is as simple as saying that what they want is for you to pay for it. Yes, the YouTube Red payment service, allows users to perform this action to be able to turn off the iPhone or iPad and continue listening to the music, we are going to see an option that currently works and does not require any payment.

This is like downloading YouTube videos or mp3 audio, there are options for this but they are not the most natural to carry out, so it requires a few steps to be able to carry out the action. So we are not going to entertain ourselves anymore and we are going with it. The steps are simple, but you have to do it like this:

  • We open YouTube in the Safari browser of the iPhone or iPad
  • Press “Aa” at the top left and place the desktop version
  • We search for the song and start playing it on the iPhone
  • We lock the iPhone and when it stops, activate the screen again and hit the play button
  • Music will start playing in the background

Youtube background

This option has several drawbacks since we cannot pass the YouTube video ads, but we can at least listen to the music in the background. It is not the most intuitive and simple method in the world, but it is not complicated either. On the other hand, in my case I am not in the beta version of iOS, my iPhone has iOS 13.6 installed. It is possible that you already knew this option but share it for those who do not know it.

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