How to log into Windows 10 without keyboard

Maybe your keyboard is temporarily broken and that prevents you from entering Windows. If you do not have a password, you will not have to have a keyboard, but it is advisable to maintain as much privacy as possible on the computer, even if that means taking a few more seconds to access. Good because it is from work and you do not want anyone to enter in your absence or simply if it is at home and you do not want your family to access your documents, photographs, files, etc.

One of the fastest solutions is to search for any portable keyboard that you have at home and that we can temporarily connect via USB but there is not always one that we can use so there are other ways to solve it.

Login without keyboard

When you go to login screen where you are going to log into Windows 10, it asks you for the password, there is a small section that helps us connect even without a keyboard. These are the accessibility options of the computer from which we can activate a series of functions. To access, you will have to look at the lower right corner of the screen where you will see two small icons: the turn off icon and another small icon next to it that will activate the accessibility options.

Tap on it to open a series of options:

  • Storyteller
  • Magnifying glass
  • On-screen keyboard
  • High contrast
  • Special Keys
  • Filter keys

Login Windows keyboards

Click on the third option “On-screen keyboard” and automatically we will see how a fully functional keyboard appears on the computer screen. It can be used with a touch screen if you are from the tablet or from a convertible with this option but it also allows you to use the mouse to type the password until you can access and login in Windows 10 without any problem.

On-screen keyboard

On-screen keyboard

Once you are inside the computer, you can also activate the on-screen keyboard to use it until you can solve the problem and while the keyboard does not work. You can use the mouse to touch each of the keys until get write what you need. In the long term it is not a solution because it is not comfortable to write very complex texts having to look for the different letters on the screen and click with the mouse but it is a good option if we have no other option. To activate it you must:

  • Go to Settings / Settings from Windows Start
  • Open the Accessibility section from Settings
  • Find the left side menu
  • Go to Keyboard
  • You will see the first option: Use the device without a physical keyboard
  • Activate the Use on-screen keyboard button
  • A large keyboard will automatically appear on your screen with which you can type using the computer mouse or if you have a touch screen

Activate keyboard

To get here, you can also type “on-screen keyboard” in Start and the application will automatically appear, but you can only do it once it is activated and you have access to a writing method. Or you can open it by pressing the Windows logo key + CTRL + O to enable or disable. Before, you can follow the route: Home> Accessibility> Keyboard> Use the on-screen keyboard and activate it.

On-screen keyboard Windows 10

Bluetooth keyboards

When you have already signed in to Windows 10 and you are inside, you can use a Bluetooth keyboard if your computer does not have an immediate solution and you need to type but the keyboard doesn’t work. It is convenient to have one of these keyboards at home, most of which are not only compatible with your laptop, for example, but also with the tablet or even with television if you have a Smart TV and use it to browse the Internet or use applications. with Internet access, for example. It is enough to have it connected by Bluetooth to the computer from which your keyboard is broken (especially if it’s portable and you can’t replace it for a while) and you don’t want to have to use the on-screen keyboard.

Logitech K380

Logitech’s is a QWERTY keyboard small, compact and compatible with up to three different devices so you can use it regularly for your tablet, smartphone or TV but you can also connect it to your computer when you need it. Round the 40 eurosAvailable in black, white, or pink, it is compact and portable, weighs only a little, making it perfect for traveling. It runs on batteries that promise up to two years of use and is very light. Also, just touch a button to connect it to the device you want to control.


If you are looking for something much more affordable than the previous one, the SENGBIrch is a keyboard that will only cost you about 16 euros and works with Bluetooth technology and is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows or any other operating system. It is a wireless QWERTY keyboard Lightweight with AAA batteries that promises about three months of use for each charge and with a Bluetooh connection with a range of up to 10 meters. An affordable option if you want something temporary but are not looking for the best quality.

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