How to make Amazon lower the price of a mobile


We all like the idea of ​​being able to get buy a new cheaper mobileWell, now we are in luck because the function that we are going to present you allows us to do exactly this. There is no trap or cardboard, we just have to locate the mobile we want and look for it in other stores in our country, in this case Spain. By telling Amazon that it is cheaper elsewhere, it will try to improve the price.

This function has been available for a long time, although few users know it, its usefulness makes the anointing make the force and if we are a group of friends interested in the same mobile we can make more force among all to get a mobile on offer. By reporting a lower price to several users with different IP addresses, getting the discount will be faster and more effective than if we only asked for it.

Get discounts on the price of a mobile on Amazon

The technological giant Amazon wants to continue being it and with this function they have it much easier. We have the option of choosing this tool or supporting small businesses, giving them a point of value if you find it cheaper or closer to us. However, there are other stores for sale in our country that may have a slightly cheaper price, also being large infrastructures, and we prefer to choose Amazon due to bad experiences.

Once we have the mobile you want to buy located in any online store or in a physical site, what we will have to do is access the website of Amazon and search for that same mobile. We recommend you take a look at the different options and not keep the first price that we see, because we can see on Amazon a lower price on the same mobile from different vendors.

Search your mobile on Amazon

lowest price mobile amazon

Once we have located the mobile in question, in our case it will be the OPPO Find X2 Neo with 5G technology, we will move to the product details section. Right at the end of it we will see a button that indicates how “Would you like to tell us about a lower price?” which in Spanish means something like “Do you know a lower price?”.

What information do we need to lower the price

To get a lower price is not to sew and sing, the Amón employees will personally check if there really is a price lower on mobile and for this we must first give all the relevant information. This is all we should congratulate in each of the cases:

lower mobile price amazon

  • Lower prices in online stores:
    • Url
    • Price
    • Shipping costs
    • Date we have seen the price
  • Lower prices in physical stores:
    • Store’s name
    • City
    • Province
    • Price
    • Date we have seen the price

In order not to run out of this reduced price, we will have to be vigilant and check the product daily on Amazon, we will not receive any alerts and we could lose the opportunity to get the reduced price that we have requested ourselves.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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