How to make an automatic backup of the USB flash drive on the PC

If this happens, the loss of information can be very important, both at work as sentimental. That is why we must try to have protected that information that we keep in our USB memory, in order to face a loss of files or irreparable damage. Many users are already betting on the cloud as the best method of saving and sharing this information, so that they can be accessed from any device and have files at hand.

But you may not feel like logging in with your passwords and personal data on public computers where many people are going to enter, such as a call center or a library, or you have become accustomed to the use of USB sticks, whose storage capacity It is powerful, to save your files in them and you do not want to change the method.

usb flash drive


So how can we avoid losing all the information we have on the USB sticks if they are lost or stolen? It would be easy to say that copying your files into a folder on our computer is fine, but whoever uses these small devices continuously knows that the files that are on the USB stick may have changed tomorrow, that we introduce daily new documents or that the Text files that are contained in the USB grow, so we would be forcing ourselves daily to enter our home computer, copy all the information contained in the device and manually replace it with the previous version of our rudimentary copy.

But to simplify the process, there are tools that will help us to back up the information on our USBs. Furthermore, they will carry out a pendrive backup every time we enter it into the computer, automatically and without major inconvenience for us.

USB Flash Copy

With an application called USB Flash Copy we can forget about these problems. It is a software with a free version that, once installed, will open automatically every time it detects that we have inserted a USB flash drive in the computer.

Then it will show us the pendrive backup configuration window, we can choose the settings and we will quickly and easily have a backup of our files, so as not to risk losing them. We will can choose the destination folder, filter the files that we want to be copied, for example excluding a file type or, for later revisions, if we want to keep a copy of the old files or overwrite them with their latest versions.

Every time we insert a new pendrive in the computer, this screen will jump to automatically start backup and so, in case of losing the USB, if it is stolen or if an accident leaves it unusable, we can enter the destination folder of that backup that USB Flash Copy will have made on our computer and recover quickly and all the information lost or, at least, the one that contained the pendrive the last time we made the backup.

If we have very sensitive information and that we do not want to lose under any circumstances, the best option is to make that backup copy of the flash drive on more than one computer. Whether it is another one we have at home, the one at work or some other computer that gives us enough security to carry out this task.

In this case we can make a double security task, since the best option in addition to making a copy with USB Flash Copy will be to protect that destination folder with a password to prevent anyone else who has access to the computer from entering and viewing or stealing the files that we want to protect. All the precautions are few to defend ourselves from attacks and also in the case of the files, applications or documents that we contain on a flash drive.

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