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How to make calls with hidden number on Android

How to make calls with hidden number on Android

Call someone with our hidden phone number It is not something too common, in fact it is often thought immediately that it is a reason to distrust who is calling us. Although the reality is that it can be helpful, as if you have to call a company or customer service in Spain, but you do not want to be able to call you again. In this case, making calls with a hidden number is useful.

Android phones have the ability to hide the number, so you can make calls without those people or companies being able to see it. There are a couple of ways to activate the hidden number on the phone. We show you how each of them is used.

Hide the phone app number

In order to make calls on Android using the hidden number, without being seen by others, it is an option that has been present for a long time on Android. This option is places within the settings of the phone application, regardless of the application used. If you use the default app for your personalization layer, the steps may be somewhat different, but they are rarely. The steps to follow are:

  1. Open the phone app.
  2. Enter the settings.
  3. Go to the Advanced Settings section (on some phones it will be More).
  4. Look for the Caller ID option (the name Show ID or Outgoing ID can be used).
  5. Click on that option.
  6. Choose the Hide number option.
  7. Confirm.

If, after making the calls in which we did not want to show the phone number, we want to reverse the process, the steps are the same. The only thing that changes is that in the menu where we have chosen to hide number, next time we will have to select the option to show it again. In this way, the next calls we make will show our phone number once again.

Use a code in calls

The secret codes in Android are very useful, in addition to having a large number of them available. In this case, there is a special code that we can use when making calls from the mobile, which will hide our phone number automatically, only during that call. If it is something specific, it can be especially comfortable for many, since it involves fewer steps than doing it from the settings. The steps to follow are:

  1. Open the phone app.
  2. Type # 34 # 123456789 (where we have put 123456789 you have to enter the phone number you are calling).
  3. Call the phone number.

Code 34 in this case is if you call a Spanish number, since if you are going to call a number from another country, you will have to use the code of that country. This is what will allow your phone number to be hidden when making that call. Check the country code at all times before making the call.

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