How to make Face ID recognize you when you wear sunglasses


Summer is coming, and as usual we use Sunglasses. And we already have the usual roll. Accustomed to unlocking our iPhone with Face ID, we see that if we wear the glasses on, it does not recognize us. There is a little trick to get our device to recognize us with sunglasses on.

But if we activate this trick, we lose enough security in facial recognition. Let’s say if you’re lying down the NAP Quietly, your partner can unlock your iPhone, as Face ID will do it even if they see that you are asleep. You will know if it is worth it or not …

We are already in the middle of summer and as always we have the same problem. We are wearing sunglasses, and our iPhone is not capable of unlocking using Face ID. It is the price to pay for having one of the world’s safest facial recognition systems. No glasses, no masks.

Face ID incorporates a double security system. Apart from have your face in 3d archived and unlocked when it checks your identity parameters, it also verifies that you are looking at the phone. That prevents someone from unlocking it when you’re asleep or distracted looking at something else.

Is gaze check It is what makes Face ID not unlock when you wear sunglasses, since it cannot “see” if your eyes look at the mobile. This can be manually disabled. So if you wear sunglasses, your iPhone will be unlocked when you show your face. But of course, keep in mind that if you are asleep and someone puts your iPhone in front of your face, it will be unlocked.

Now that you know the good and the bad about the “trick” and want to try it, do the following:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Open Face ID and code
  3. Enter your access code
  4. Uncheck «Require attention for Face ID
  5. Read the alert and Accept

You can already test if Face ID you are unlocked with your sunglasses on. It may depend on the type of glasses does not work. From here, the decision is yours.

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