How to make WiFi faster on Xiaomi


One of the most common things we do with our Xiaomi mobile is to consult social networks, read web pages or download and upload content from the cloud, that is why the option that Xiaomi integrates in MIUI seems so important. Possibly you did not know it because it is very hidden, but from now on you can get improve WiFi speed on your Xiaomi mobile like you never imagined.

It is not a surprise to anyone that MIUI integrates options for all tastes and needs, something that in this case expands on MIUI 10, MIUI 11 and also MIUI 12. A mature function that has been improved with the intention of improving the results of the WiFi connection from home, work or anywhere we connect with the smartphone. There are no differences between newer, older or different ranges, just by having one of the MIUI versions mentioned we will be able to use it.

Steps to improve WiFi speed on Xiaomi

So that you too can enjoy content in less time and take advantage of the full potential of your mobile while you are connected to WiFi, taking into account that it will not work when we use mobile data or otherwise consumption would be high. We show you the steps you must follow explained point by point:

xiaomi wifi extreme mode

  • We start by accessing the Xiaomi settings.
  • Then click on the options on WiFi.
  • Then we will choose the WiFi Assist.
  • To continue, click on Graphic mode.
  • Finally we choose the extreme mode.

With this option we are telling our mobile to give special priority to the applications and services that we have in the foreground with the intention of improve WiFi on Xiaomi. It can be very useful when we are downloading files or consulting content, although we must know that other background processes could be affected by a slight slowdown.

We can also benefit from MIUI traffic mode that appears at the top of this point to activate it. This button grants permissions to artificial intelligence to decide at all times what type of traffic is necessary and thus be able to be completely unconcerned.

Does it really work?

We wanted to put the normal and extreme traffic modes to the test to see first-hand how it works. In practice, it is difficult to notice the differences, but it is true that when downloading files the process is accelerated since you focus all your attention on this process. By doing two speed tests on the mobile we have been able to know that the difference is not only noticeable in the times but also affects the data on the rise and fall.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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