How to make your own themes for MIUI

Design your own theme for MIUI with this application with which you can choose icons, wallpapers and much more.

Customize the look of your Xiaomi mobile to your liking with Theme Creator for MIUI, a free application that allows you make your own themes for MIUI customization layer and that we teach you how to use in this article so that you can use it from now on.

Despite the return of the Xiaomi Mobile Themes app, which puts at your disposal a wide catalog of designs, you may want give it a more personal and distinctive touch to your device. The Theme Creator for MIUI application is ideal for this, with which you can create themes for MIUI choosing between different icon packs, notifications bar layouts, wallpapers and the appearance of other interface elements.

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With the Theme Creator for MIUI app, you can create custom themes for MIUI.

How to make your own themes for MIUI

Themes are a main aspect of personalizing your mobile, allowing you change the aesthetics of icons, wallpapers, notification bar and other elements important interface. Therefore, in this article we will explain how you can create your own MIUI themes, the Xiaomi customization layer.

As we said, the creation of these custom themes is done with the app Theme Creator for MIUI, which you can download for free from the Play Store. Before explaining how it works, it is key that enable the installation of third-party themes in MIUI so you can use your own creations in the terminal.

Despite the invasive presence of advertising in this application – we already warn you that it is constantly present – Theme Creator for MIUI allows you create your own themes for MIUI and install them later. Next, we explain how to use this app step by step.

1º- Open Theme Creator for MIUI and click on the + button to create a new theme.

2nd- Name it to that new topic.

3º- So you access the main menu of the app, where you can see all the interface elements you can customize– Fonts, app icons, status bar, notification panel, wallpaper, lock screen, etc.

Access each section to select the aspect that this will have. You can choose between several different designs, as you can see in the following screenshots of the icon editing screen.

4th- When you have finished the full customization of the theme, click on the button “Next” to proceed with the export of the theme. Tap on Finish and said export will be carried out.

5th- Then the app will confirm that your own theme for MIUI has been saved and will ask you if you want to install it. Click “Ok” to save it to the Xiaomi mobile.

6º- Go to Settings> Themes and in the list you will see the theme you just created and installed with Theme Creator for MIUI. Remember that you have to have third party theme installation enabled for this process to work successfully.

Even if the interface and functions of the app are not great, Theme Creator for MIUI is an interesting tool to play with the customization of your Xiaomi. You can add back photos to the settings and notification panel, go for an innovative icon pack, or change the appearance of the status bar.

In addition to Theme Creator for MIUI, there are many other apps to customize your Android, among which we find launchers, icon packs, wallpaper galleries and various widgets. We encourage you to try these applications and play with the customization of your Android mobile until it is adequate to your liking, just as you can do with the main app of this guide.

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