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how to modify location permissions on Huawei mobiles

how to modify location permissions on Huawei mobiles


Access to our location is always in question. It is clear that many applications require this information in order to have the necessary data and work in this way with total precision, but this is not always the case. Luckily, updating Huawei phones to EMUI 10 and thanks to the new permission system of Android 10, it allows us to control in detail which applications will have access to our location and when they can do it.

It is important that the user can take control of what the applications do and revoke permissions if necessary. Not so long ago, when an app was installed on Android and the user accepted the permissions, these could be used at the whim of the app with minimal control on our part, except being able to delete the app at any time.

Modify location permissions

In order to manage access to our location of applications on our Huawei mobile with EMUI 10, we will have to enter the Settings menu. Then we will have to enter the option Access to the locationion and later on Location.

location permits huawei 01

Three options available

Once inside this menu, we will see all the applications installed on our computer that have location related permissions. In this menu we can identify three cases:

  • Always allowed– This is the list of applications that have permanent access to the location regardless of their status or execution.
  • Allowed only while using– This is a way for applications to access the location only when in use. In this way we safeguard our privacy in circumstances where the app does not have to know the location and we will save battery life.
  • Without permission– Apps that do not have permission to access the location are listed.

Select each app

Now we can choose which applications can have what kind of location related permission. For example, it is possible that we use the real-time location of WhatsApp or Google Maps a lot and we are interested in the app having permanent access to the location, but it is something that games and other types of apps that we use with less can do without frequency.

Huawei system apps

And the System apps?

In this case Huawei continues to have control over our decisions. If we tap on the three buttons on the upper right, we will see an option called “Show System applications”. In this case we will not be able to modify the parameters, since Huawei considers that these permissions must remain as they are for the correct operation of the system. However, we believe that there are applications that we could well modify.

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