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Although many manufacturers eliminate this option in some of their models, having external storage gives a lot of play to our smartphone.. Some users prefer to have this option to have extra storage, or simply to have secure access to various files or better control of privacy. Also, when the time comes, we can move apps to SD card, as in Motorola mobiles.

Luckily, most Motorola terminals allow expand memory using microSD cards. As we say, it is not only useful to have extra storage, since we can better manage the memory of the terminal and decide which applications can be moved to save space or secure our files.

Motorola, change apps to microSD

In order to move applications that we have pre-installed to the microSD card, we will have to carry out a previous step. It is about formatting the card as internal storage. For this we go to the Settings menu and enter the storage section. Then we tap on “SD Card” and select the options icon. Now we click on “Storage options” and choose “Format as internal” and finally on “Delete and format”.

Class 10 MicroSD card

Now we will have the card ready to be able to move apps to this storage. In this case, we will have to go to Settings and enter the “Apps and notifications” section. Once inside, tap on the corresponding application and click on “Storage”. Then we select the SD card and tap on move. In the case of not finding the option, we will be before the first of the inconveniences that we will see below.

Possible drawbacks

  • Some developers may not allow the app to be stored on an SD card. We will know that the option to move the app will not be available
  • Depending on the speed of the card, the app may be able to run slower or experience longer load times
  • It is easier for files to be damaged or corrupted by being stored on an external physical card.

Can we move other files?

Similarly, we can also move photos, videos or music to the SD card of our Motorola mobile. To do we will have to open the application files and tap on the “Free Up Space” option to move media files. Once inside, tap on the files you want to move and click on “Move to SD card”.

Written by David Girao

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