How to pin notes to the home screen on Samsung mobiles


Our mobile phone has more and more tools. It is a kind of Swiss Army knife in which we find from compasses, timers, calculators, currency converters and endless options to have on hand. Samsung’s mobiles too they have the most useful application of notes without which many users can no longer pass.

Having a kind of virtual post-it is one of the best ways not to forget many of the tasks that we have pending or when we need to write something down quickly and we do not have the classic paper and pen at hand. For all these and other situations, Samsung Notes are the best remedy. But as we will see below, it will be useless to make annotations if we forget that they are there when we need them most. To solve this question the function has a trick just as useful as the function itself.

samsung note pinned to home

How to leave the notes on the desktop

However, on many occasions it is not enough to just write down the notes and save them. This requires accessing the application and seeing everything we have written down. However, when a note is of vital importance, the best we can do is use the trick to pin it on the home screen to quickly access them.

In order to do this, we will have to slide a finger up or down to access the applications screen. Then we look for Samsung Notes and look for the important note that we need to have more in view. Now we will only have to press on the three points at the top and mark the option, “Pin to start screen.”

samsung pin notes

Now, our note will have become a kind of Widget anchored on the desktop. That is to say, that just by clicking on it we can edit it or move it to change its place as with any other Widget. When we no longer need it, we can delete it as with any other Widget, leaving our finger pressed on it and selecting the option to delete. However, the note will continue with the rest within Samsung Notes.

A “pre-installed” function

Do not forget that Samsung Notes is a system application and comes pre-installed on Galaxy devices, including those with the new OneUI layer or the oldest from the company. But if it has ever disappeared or you don’t find it installed, We can access your download from Google Play, with the link that we leave you just below.

Download Samsung Notes from Google Play

Written by David Girao

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