How to play Mario Kart for Android horizontally

Mario Kart Tour is one of the most popular Nintendo games for mobile devices. Since its launch, the game has been improving with various tournaments, online games and much more, but the gaming experience is far from perfect.

Traditional Mario Kart players continued to miss a horizontal screen, as vertical viewing has not turned out to be as comfortable as Nintendo expected. And now in the last update they have corrected it.

Nintendo fixes Mario Kart, how to play horizontally

Since I can remember, I have enjoyed Mario Kart and its arrival on Android was great news for fans of the franchise. However, as the game came, many were disappointed by the game mode, without online, without control by command and vertically.

Nintendo is gradually fixing the game, and months after adding the online they have added a vertical game mode.

What do we have to do to enjoy it? First of all, head to Google Play and update the game.

Then, once we are in game we will only have to put the mobile in horizontal and it will automatically change to the horizontal view. This is because after the update they have added as default mode the automatic display mode according to the orientation of the device.

However, when there is a gyroscope control, it is possible that this mode ends up being a nuisance and changes between horizontal and vertical. What if we just want the phone to be in one orientation and never change?

If we click on the gear during the game we can change the orientation mode, as well as other control settings.

From the main menu you can also go to the settings and leave it to your liking.

Now it only remains to be able to play by command. Come on Nintendo, we are looking forward to it.




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