How to prevent apps from closing in the background on Android


In the customization layers like EMUI, MIUI or One UI we have options to prevent apps from closing in the background, but since the system known as doze began to be integrated into Android, now it is much more difficult for us to control those background applications that close in Android. They do not usually give problems but in specific cases we could have them.

When we stop receiving notifications from a certain application, we blame it for having slept in the background or the system has decided to close it, this is the situation for which we can most wish that the applications do not close. For this reason, it seems essential to know how we can avoid it in Android 10 and Android 11 stock no customization layers that modify parameters.

Control of Android background applications

The system itself acts without us telling you anything, automatically controlling each of the processes and the different applications we use. This saves us from having to worry about issues related to background applications. Still keep in mind that when we use the energy saving mode apps close faster in the background And we can find these unwanted situations of not receiving apps.

save battery Android 11

Smart control does not have a negative effect in this regard and therefore it is recommended to always keep it on, since it enables and prioritizes applications according to the time of day we are based on our routine.

The only method to avoid closing some apps

Since the operating system does all the work for us, we will only have to control in case we stop receiving notifications or something like that. We will do this with the following steps:

close apps background android

  • We will have to access the device settings and search for applications.
  • Among the apps we are going to choose any one.
  • Inside we will choose the battery option
  • And we click on battery optimization.

A list will be displayed with all the applications without optimization and therefore closed when necessary, as well as many others that are already optimized by default and which close in the background. We are going to select the ones that are already optimized and we will go to the one in question we want to modify. By tapping on it we will be able to make the change and toggle between optimize to not optimize, bearing in mind that this will have an important effect on the battery.

The applications that appear as unavailable leave us in a complicated situation, since we do not have the possibility of fixing them either in multitasking or doing any trick to avoid it.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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