how to prevent downloads from being interrupted by blocking it


Our mobiles have replaced our computers in many facets, also that of content downloads that we carry out from web browsers. If you have a mobile Huawei You may have encountered a problem, downloads are interrupted when the screen is turned off or the phone is locked. Well it is something that has a solution in EMUI.

Who else and who least download something from our mobiles, be it an image, a PDF, or any other document that we find on the net. This time we focus on the downloads that are managed while the phone is locked, and which can sometimes be stopped against our will if we do not have an option to EMUI activated.

Avoid having to resume downloads

Of course there are few things that feel worse to us than seeing how a download on our phone is interrupted when the terminal screen turns off, and having to retake it again.

two huawei phones sharing wifi

Something especially annoying if the download in question is large, of several gigabytes, which will force us to lose more time again in downloading the same gigabytes. This normally occurs because your Huawei mobile is trying to reduce battery consumption while the phone is locked or with the screen off, but it is something that has a simple solution.

This EMUI function is the key

The normal, or at least what we all expect, is that when the screen of our Huawei is turned off or the phone is blocked downloads keep going, so that these are completed in the expected time.

huawei wifi downloads

But if this is not your case, there is a fairly simple way that these downloads are not interrupted, all thanks to a battery management function of Huawei. You have to do the following:

  • Enter the settings of your Huawei mobile
  • Access the «Battery» section
  • Tap on “More battery settings”
  • Activates the “Stay connected when the device is in sleep mode” function

Once we activate this function what we get is that the phone when it is with the screen off in sleep mode, connectivity is still active. This time we talk about Wi-Fi connectivity, which will remain active when the phone goes to sleep. Therefore with it activates the downloads will not be interrupted again when we block the phone. It is a function that should be activated by default on your Huawei mobile, but as usual it may have been deactivated accidentally.

Written by Jorge Sanz

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