How to prevent Huawei mobiles from making calls alone


Mobiles are designed among many other things to make calls, but only to those who want and when we want, something that is not running on some Huawei mobiles. For various reasons we may have come across involuntary calls and that they have been carried out on our mobile alone, without touching anything ourselves and making us give many turns to this problem.

The origin can be in several sections and that is why we will review all the situations that may have led us to this and of course the options that there are to try to solve the problem. Any smartphone from Huawei with EMUI You will be able to follow these steps and fix them as we are going to explain, regardless of the model.

Why does my Huawei mobile make calls alone?

We not only have to focus on one of the problems and solutions, but it is advisable that we take a look at all the cases. It is difficult to find out why our mobile Huawei makes calls alone, but surely with a little effort and with the conditions shown, we will make our smartphone call again when we really need it.

Configuration problems in EMUI

The first error is one of the most common and repeated, it originates from a configuration that we have been able to complete on some occasion but that is really creating a problem for us. The function in question is a quick call and allows us, by simply pressing a button and saying a name, to initiate a call automatically. This may have led us to have the mobile phone in our pocket and accidentally activate it.

huawei quick call

To deactivate it and not to do it again call automatically we are going to enter the EMUI Settings, look for the section “Accessibility functions” and enter the voice control. Finally we will see the quick call option to rule out seeing it if it is activated, otherwise we go to the following solutions.

Unintentional touches

By having the mobile in the pocket, bag or backpack among many other possibilities, we can also make involuntary touches on the screen and this will end up in a call. To avoid this problem, Huawei has a very effective solution with EMUI.

huawei pocket mode

We can increase the sensitivity of the proximity sensor and combine it with the light sensor so that the screen does not light up and you can make calls. To do this, we will go to Settings> Accessibility functions and move to “Prevention of involuntary actions”. With this option activated we will be able to live more calmly without fear of calling anyone inadvertently.

Bluetooth devices may be to blame

The Bluetooth connection can be very treacherous and play a trick on us, smart speakers increasingly offer more options and among them that of make calls alone. If we have a loudspeaker, car or any other device connected to our cell phone, we could be making calls involuntarily even if we are not aware of it. It will be best to manually control the connected products in Settings> Device connection> Bluetooth and check it one by one.

Huawei P30 Pro bluetooth 5 devices

Applications with malware

Although it is not very widespread, we could have granted permission to applications of dubious origin on our Huawei smartphone and this has led us to the problem with calls. To solve it, Huawei integrates a virus detector in the Phone Manager that will check if there is anything out of the ordinary and will warn us. Anyway, we recommend you think about what are the latest apps, such as games that we have installed and since when have we started to suffer this problem.

Drastic solution to Huawei calling problem

We hope that the problem does not continue on your smartphone after having completed all the steps we have taken, although if you still have to have the problems in the involuntary calls of your Huawei, the best will be to opt for the Hard Reset. This option will eliminate the cache memory and possible errors of our mobile, allowing us to use it again as the first day.

Before starting we must move everything we do not want to lose to another device and then follow these steps:

  • We start by turning off the phone.
  • Then we hold down the power button and turn down the volume at the same time until we see the Android or EMUI logo.
  • We enter the Recovery menu.
  • Now with the volume buttons we move to wipe data / factory reset and accept with the power button.
  • We confirm the process in the same option.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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