How to prevent the phone from heating up and burning when it is charging


All manufacturers warn that during the charging process, it is normal for the mobile to heat up. However, sometimes it can get hotter than necessary and that is not good for internal components, which could be damaged. Luckily, there is always something we can do to prevent eThe phone gets excessively hot during the charging process.

Before continuing reading, we must start from the premise, that all manufacturers recommend not to use the mobile while charginga, precisely to avoid overheating. This is one of the main rules that we will have to take into account. However, we can take into account other factors that help the mobile to not heat up during charging.

So that the mobile does not heat up

Don’t play while charging

It is precisely during the game and even more so with demanding titles, it is where the processor works at full capacityTherefore, we run the risk of damaging some hardware component. If the mobile is charging and we are playing the same time, we will soon notice that its temperature increases rapidly. Play and charge at the same time should be avoided at all costs.

OnePlus 7 game

Close apps in the background

It is very common to leave several apps open and put the phone to charge. Many will continue consuming resources and It will encourage the mobile to warm up while connected to the currentand. We must therefore open the menu of recent applications and force the closure of all of them. Then we can charge the mobile without fear of those heaters.

Activate Battery Saver

It is a good measure to prevent the phone from heating up while charging. Activating the battery saving mode of our mobile, we can prevent many processes from running in the background, so the system will work less at rest while charging and we can achieve a lower temperature while we have it charging.

energy saving in lg

Use the original charger

It is another of the most common causes of mobile heating while charging. The dance of cables and chargers present in the houses is very common. We must always charge our mobile with the original adapter and cables, since we thus ensure that all the manufacturer’s security processes created for our mobile are active.

samsung charger

Charge it in the shade

Be aware of the Sun. If you leave the phone charging in the morning in the shade, it may be that the Sun is hitting it directly in a while and that is not good. Always charge the mobile in the shade and in a moderate temperature environment. Thus we prevent the temperature from increasing in the load even dangerously.

Mobile cooler

It is an ingenious gadget that connects to a USB port or an external battery and allows cool our mobile in seconds. It can be adapted using clips to the rear of any terminal. It is specially designed for users who ignore the first rule (do not play while charging) and need to control the temperature on the charge. Its price is around more than 20 euros.

cooler for mobile

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Change fast charger

If your mobile has fast charging technology but you are not in a hurry to charge it, you can always replace the quick charger with a standard one. This often prevents it from heating up as it does when fast charging technology works, which despite having improved a lot over time, usually offers this type of inconvenience. However, the ideal is to use a charger of the same brand, to avoid the problem.

Written by David Girao

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