How to prevent the screen of a Huawei from consuming a lot of battery


The battery of our phone is one of the key components of this, and the autonomy of the terminal largely depends on the care we take of it. If you have a Huawei mobile and notes that it consumes a lot of battery, it may be a problem of the settings of the screen, and you can try these solutions.

If you have looked at the battery consumption, what are the components and processes of the phone that are in the first place and there you find the screen, you should try some of these solutions so that the battery consumption is more normal and not so pronounced.

Why does your Huawei screen consume so much?

It is evident that one of the components that generates greater waste of energy on our phone is the screen. Of that there is no doubt.

Huawei P40 Pro + smartphone with electric background

And although it is logical that it appears in the first places of battery consumption, it should not be something so common. If so, it may be due to several reasons that we can solve as follows.

Modify the waiting time

To avoid that the screen is the main component that consumes energy from the phone, what we can do is modify the waiting time of the screen. This time is the one that will remain on the screen once we have stopped using it. In the settings you can go to Settings> Display> Timeout and choose a time of 15 seconds. As the screen is turned on for less time, consumption will be lower.

Adjust the brightness

This is an obvious setting, but many of us get used to seeing the screen with a high brightness, which logically will lead to a high consumption of energy by it. To do this go to the screen settings and activate the automatic brightness.

huawei y5 2019 display

Select another resolution

Another thing you can try is to change the screen resolution so that it does not demand so much from the terminal and therefore does not consume as much energy. For this, what we must do is access the EMUI to Settings> Display> Screen resolution and activate “smart resolution”. We can also click on “Custom” and choose a different resolution, which must always be lower so that consumption is also lower.

If it’s OLED, try this

OLED screens can have a higher power consumption due to the peculiarity of their panel. To avoid greater autonomy problems you can try to access the phone settings. Enter the section of «Battery»And activate«Darken interface colors«. In this way, when displaying less intense colors, the energy consumption in an OLED panel will also be more adjusted.

Written by Jorge Sanz

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