How to put music on Roblox games

Find out how to add music in Roblox games with this tutorial.

Have you ever wanted add music to your games created in Roblox and you don’t know how? Well then, we will show you a simple tutorial in which you can learn to do it in a very easy and fast way.

In order to make user-developed games more immersive and improve the experience of those who play them, Roblox allows creators to add music through audio files for use as a musical background, narration, sound effects, and more.

Of course, all these audio files that are uploaded to the game, must comply with the Roblox community rules (take a look to avoid any problems due to their non-compliance) in order to avoid inconveniences with the community, copyright and plus.

What is a Roblox ID?

Before you start playing Roblox and learn how to load any audio file, it is important that you know what the IDs are within the video game. The ID refers to the identification or code of the songs available to place in the background while playing games.

You can use them as long as you have a radio at your disposal, also known as Boombox or in rooms that accept music.

What is a Roblox ID

Free Music ID for Roblox

So what can you use IDs for? Roblox has a library of thousands of songs that you can choose according to your tastes, so you only have to choose the one you want, copy your ID and use it while you play. Simple, right? Of course, remember that to do it, you must find a radio or be in a world that has them.

Steps to put music in Roblox games

Alright, now that you know how to identify the songs on Roblox, it is time to put the rhythm. To do this, you must follow 4 very simple steps:

Find the music

  • Enter the official Roblox site. If you don’t have it yet, create a free account by following this link.
  • Login to the platform.
  • At the top of the top screen you will see a menu, click on the option “Create”.
Steps to put music in Roblox games

Go to Roblox and click “Create” to find the music

  • Then click Library, located in the top menu.
  • Now select “Audio”, located on the left side to find all available songs.
Go to the Roblox Theme Library

Go to the Roblox Theme Library

Select the music

Now, in the search engine you must find the music you want. It is important to note that the songs are in english, so you must carry out the search in this language.

Select the music on Roblox

Select the song of preference for the platform games

If you want songs in Spanish, you will have to search further, since the repertoire is limited for this language. By the way, you can listen to a preview of the song before selecting it to be sure it’s the one you want.

Copy the song ID

All songs of Roblox they have the same structure. If you remember, we previously told you that the IDs are the numbers that identify the songs within the game, right? Then, you must copy the song you want. Please note that URLs have the following appearance:

Copy the song ID

Copy the ID (code of each song) and save them in a list

As you can see, they always start with Roblox official website, then the storage place which in this case is the library, the Song id (they are numbers) and then the Name of the same separated by dashes.

As you will see the ID is identified with numbers

As you will see the ID is identified with numbers

So what you should do now is copy those ID numbers in a file inside your PC, notepad or wherever you prefer. The idea is that you have the correct tag when adding music to your game.

To make it easier, here we leave you some free options for you to do your tests. It is up to you to choose the one that best suits you.

  • Old Town Road – 2862170886.
  • Dat boi [600+ SOLD!] – 410806544.
  • You’re WeLcome – 2232185283.
  • You gonna be sorry – 2733053836.
  • Pew – 2578125671.

Enter a game that accepts music

Now that you know how to search for music and you have its ID it’s time to make it play. To do this, enter a game that accepts music or use a radio, if you do not have it, you can buy one here.

Boombox to put music on Roblox

To add music you must have a radio or boombox available

Now, if you do not have a robux to buy the accessory, you can enter a room that supports music and go to one of the horns or wait for you to be assigned a Boombox without paying, place your ID and play the song. These are some:

  • The Music room! It will grant you a free radio for you to have fun in the world.
  • Radio Testing Free Boombox, forms a kind of disco and also gives you a Boombox to mix the best music.
  • Mundo Music, explore and enjoy on the island with your friends.

How to upload music to Roblox?

Suppose the music you want is not available in the bookstore, which is quite possible. Do not worry, Roblox allows you to upload your own music or audio files to use in the game.

  • Enter the Roblox official site.
  • Login to the platform.
  • At the top of the top screen you will see a menu, click on the option “Create”.
  • Then click “Audio”, located on the left side.
How to upload music to Roblox

If the catalog of songs is not what you are looking for, you can upload your own audios

  • A window will appear with a search engine, select the .mp3 or .ogg file from your PC folder and then determine the cost in Robux of your load.
select a file and add music to Roblox

Select an .mp3 file that you have available in the folder on your computer

  • When finished, tap “Buy for XR $” and ready. The prices of the files are as follows:
    0-10 seconds for 20 Robux / 10-30 seconds for 35 Robux / 30 seconds-2 minutes for 70 Robux / 2-7 minutes for 350 Robux.
  • Now you only have to edit the audio by entering the section “Setting”, identified with a gear icon on the right side of the file. Go to option “Audio” and later “Create”. There you can modify:

Name: To change the name of the audio file.

Description: Shows a summary of the audio file.

Activate comments / Disqualify: Allows you to open or close the comment box.

Gender: It helps to sort audio to help people find it by genre.

Get free: Lets you choose whether the file is free for all users. If this is not checked, the audio can only be used by you.

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Now that you know how put music on roblox games, it is time to start the party and give rhythm to your games to make them even more fun, dynamic and of course entertaining. Let us know what you think of this tutorial in the comments.

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