How to put the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 in Spanish


When you first turn on the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 recently bought with all your illusion, you may be scared to see that the same is configured in English. Don’t worry, it is quite easy to change it to the Spanish language, although this will depend on two factors.

Altering the language settings in the new bracelet is different depending on the version of the bracelet that we have purchased. If we have a Mi Band 5 bought in Spain, that is, the global version, it will be easier to do it while if you have bought the bracelet in China and the ROM of it is the Asian one.

mi band 5 close up

Global version of the Mi Band 5

Again My Fit is all we need to change the language of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5. In Spain we can buy the global version of the device and a simple update of the firmware of the device will allow us to change the screen texts to Spanish.

Since the bracelet is synchronized with the mobile, the bracelet will be configured with the language that we have set in My Fit. If you see that the application is in English, it is because it is not updated to version V. To update it, open the app, scroll to the right and enter your profile. Inside, click on the bracelet linked to the mobile.

Mi Band 5 language

Now scroll to the bottom and locate the “Firmware version” menu and click on it to apply the latest version. Once this is done, locate the “Language” option in the previous menu and set Spanish. The app and the bracelet will restart and you can enjoy them in Spanish.

You can too change the language of the Mi Band 5 from the “More” menu of the bracelet that appears when you scroll to the bottom of the bracelet menu.

Chinese version of the Mi Band 5

If you have purchased the Mi band 5 or you bought it from a Chinese dealer, you probably have the bracelet with the Chinese ROM. This, among other things, means that you do not have the Spanish language installed by default on the device.

However, you can download and install the app Notify & Fitness for set up your Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Chinese version in Spanish.

When installing the app, link the bracelet to it, configure your personal parameters and open the Settings tab. Inside go to the Tools menu, select Bracelet settings and locate the Language of the Mi Band. Here choose the Spanish among the various languages ​​that appear.

Accept, and voila, the translation of the bracelet will be immediate.

Written by Miguel Martinez

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