How to record the mobile screen on Android 11. Steps and options


Although many mobiles with the Android operating system already integrate the option to record the screen for a long time through the different layers of customization that exist, it was not until Android 11 when we can finally record the screen without the need for complications. The need to install applications is over, now everything becomes much easier, faster and just as capable.

Firstly, the beta versions of Android 11 and later the stable version will allow this option to be available on all mobiles with Android stock. Some of the customization layers that did not have the tool to record screen They can also acquire this feature in a faster and easier way, making Android options increase and improve.

Record screen on Android 11

To start we undeniably need Android 11, in previous versions of Android this option was not finished adding and it remained a dream. If we already have this version we will only have to lower the shortcuts bar and look in its different tabs for the option to record screen on mobile. In some cases it could be hidden and to show it we will have to touch the pencil to always leave it visible.

record screen android 11

If we want to modify the parameters that appear, we go to the next section to change its options and if not, now we only have to click on the start button. In the upper right part we will be shown a countdown and then the indicator that we are recording, also including a notification in which we will touch to stop recording on Android 11 when we are done.

stop record android screen 11

Screen recording options

Among its possibilities we have the option of choosing the audio source, which means being able to choose whether we want to record what we say through the external microphone or only record the audio from the mobile device. In addition we can combine both sounds so as not to lose detail of what we are recording.

record android 11 screen options

We also have the ability to activate the option that shows the touches on the screen, something very useful if we are trying to explain a process as a tutorial, so people who see them will have no doubts about the part of the screen that we have clicked on.

Where are the screen recordings

At the end we will be shown a notification that takes us directly to the created video and we can also find it in the “movies” folder in the gallery or in Google Photos if it is our default gallery. Now it only remains to cut the parts we need and share it where we want.

screen recording folder android 11

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