How to recover a suspended WhatsApp account

In the event that WhatsApp suspends our account, in addition to panicking, we can follow these steps to try to recover it. That almost everything in this life has a solution.

If there is an application that is always installed on our mobile devices, it is without a doubt WhatsApp. The most popular instant messaging app is used by millions of people throughout the world, although we like Telegram more.

And we are not going to cheat, few worse things can happen in this life than WhatsApp suspend our account. That account where we store hundreds of conversations, photos and data. Now rest assured that even though our account has been suspended, There is a solution that we will tell you below.

How to recover your suspended WhatsApp account

WhatsApp vs Telegram

If your WhatsApp account has been suspended, don’t panic, there may be a solution.

Believe it or not, the moment we downloaded WhatsApp from the Google app store and installed it on our smartphone, We accept the terms and conditions that WhatsApp itself has on its website. In the event that we do not comply with said “regulations”, we run the risk that our account will be suspended.

What are these reasons? Among others, the main ones are:

  • WhatsApp is used to send spam.
  • Being annoying other users.
  • Text messages or images are sent that violate the conditions of the service. Whether they are obscene, illegal, racist, xenophobic, threatening content …
  • Many users are being blocked in a short period of time.
  • Groups are created with users who do not have you in their contacts are also one of the causes.
  • Broadcast lists are used and the same message is sent to many people.

Thus, if for any reason WhatsApp decides to suspend our account, we must know that not everything is lost. Upon entering we will see a message that says something like “Your phone number is not authorized to use our service” and the blank screen. To solve this the best thing is send an email to including our email, phone number with the code (+34 in the case of Spain), describing the device we use and the reasons why we believe there was an error in the suspension. Of course if this message is written in English, we will have more possibilities of being listened to.

Once the message has been sent, WhatsApp will study our case and check if it has actually been an error or if we have really breached the terms of use of the app. From this moment on, we will only have to trust the judgment of WhatsApp to recover our account and if not … we will have to use alternatives.

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