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How to recover deleted photos and videos from a Motorola mobile

How to recover deleted photos and videos from a Motorola mobile


There are many files that are stored on our phones, many photos, numerous videos, and logically the storage capacity is not infinite. For this reason, it is always interesting to clean these contents on our terminals. But it is possible that sometimes we accidentally delete images or video that we would like to recover. Today we review some alternatives to get it in our Motorola.

There are several alternatives that we have to be able retrieve these images or videos from your Motorola mobile, it all depends on the circumstances and the programs where we have deleted the images, because they can have different solutions.

Download an app to recover the images

There’s a lot apps on google play, where we can access a way to retrieve images easily. These normally scan in the memory of the phone any image or video that has been recently deleted, and shows them in a gallery, from where we can recover them by selecting them from it.

recover motorola photos

Of course, the key to accessing these images is that the deletion was done relatively recentlyBecause the more days that pass, the more difficult it will be to recover those images that could have already been replaced by other content occupying their space. An interesting app to do this in our Motorola is Photo Recovery – Restore deleted photos. Of course, do not forget that it will not always be possible to recover those deleted images.

Download Photo Recovery from Google Play

Through Google Photos

If you have deleted the photos or videos in Google Photos, which is the gallery default app In many Motorola mobiles, we can access the deleted photos from the last 30 days. This application when images are deleted, directly places them in a trash where these are stored for a whole month. In order to access these deleted photos, we must do the following:

  • Go to Google Photos
  • On the main screen click on the “trash” button
  • Select the images you want to recover and click on the “restore” button
  • If you long-press on an image and drag you can select several at once
  • By clicking on the “Select” button you can restore everything at once or delete everything at once

recover motorola photos

In this way the images always are reachable for 30 days, so even though we have already deleted them, they can be easily recovered.

Connecting your Motorola to the PC

It is another of the alternatives that we have, that of connect Motorola to PC with USB cable, and thus with an external software to be able to scan the internal memory of the phone or the external memory card. If you have a PC, it is best to download an application like Wondershare Data Recovery and install it on it.

recover motorola photos

Then we will tell the application what type of files do we want to recoverIn this case, for example, we are talking about images and videos. The app will search through the file system, and you may be lucky, but it’s not always possible.

Written by Jorge Sanz

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